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"Disco is when you feel each other without words" - BarbieJunk
Im living in a roller-coaster life nowadays, or maybe a disco night life? Everything turns into a mess in a dramatically fun way, and it rocks! I love my high school routines, everyone I meet in class, and so does every teacher with their subjects to teach.. I was always expecting for a new challenge in my flat life and this is it!

anyway the Forever21 Eiffel Necklace I wore here is the one I won in Kak Nitya's giveaway! (visit her blog HERE) She's very friendly and blowing here lotta thanks&best wishes for this winning chance!
It came with a well-packaged packet with the original F21 mini plastic bag and the necklace was put in the cute little red tulle pocket.. And take a look on how it really matches my Eiffel earrings! ^______^ 

oh, and I just found out that a glasses can change someone's eyes..yeah. haha I purchase this glasses for $2 :p I'm uber happy!


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I feel like I haven't posted anything in forever (okay, so it's been like a week, but still). I've hardly been on my computer lately, I've been so busy with work and preparing for my trip to PARIS AND DENMARK!!! Which I'm leaving for today!

So I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but just wait  two weeks and I'll have so much exciting stuff to share from my trip that you'll have wished I had never gone. =)

sooooo 2009...

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Almost one year ago I was attending a pasta dinner with my JV volleyball team (we usually have one the night before home games) and we decided to all wear coordinating outfits for school the next day- you know, a team spirit thing. Now, mind you, I admit that I am thought to be a bit stuck up and shallow at my school because of my fondness for clothing (I see it as an excuse for all the other girls to wear gym shorts and other sloppy ensembles to school, not an insult to me) and thus, I am a peacock surrounded by seagulls (or some other equally annoying, tragically dull bird). I don't mind it, I really don't. In fact, I like being the only girl who knows who Karl Lagerfeld is. I may feel lonely sometimes in the fact that I'd rather talk about my love for the new Rodarte collection instead of last night's episode of The Hills, but it's totally worth it, I promise.

But back to the story.

So when the girls say "coordinating, cute outfits," I think of us all wearing silk scarves or polka dot prints. You know, something cute and fun that shows that we are a team without us looking like total goofballs. But apparently, looking cute and like a team is not an option. No, one girl suggests that we wear our warm-up jerseys with denim shorts and tennis shoes -with our volleyball knee-high socks. Um...ew? I really don't mean to sound stuck up and unwilling to make compromises with the team -really, I don't!- but can't we think of something a little more...oh, I don't know...attractive? Seriously, there's got to be something better than that.

But the girls continue to blabber on and on about jean shorts or jean mini skirts when I simply tell them that jean mini skirts "are totally tacky."

It's a personal opinion is all, I'm not telling anyone to stop wearing jean minis this instant, but personally, the last time I wore one of those skirts was in middle school. I'm over them. Now I think they're ugly. That's all. Apparently, this made the girls on my team really angry -especially because the one girl making all the suggestions wears jean mini skirts practically every day that she doesn't wear gym shorts- and suddenly I was the enemy. I cannot stand jean mini skirts, so I am also evil. (Besides, what would I know about fashion, anyways? It's not like I dress well or read Vogue religiously or check about twenty fashion blogs daily, or anything.) Honestly.

A week later when a friend of mine mentioned, oh, I don't know, something pertaining to daisy duke shorts, I was like, "Oh, yeah, I used to have this pair of jean shorts and they were so short, eventually I couldn't even wear them without feeling like Jessica a la Dukes of Hazzard," and the same girl that was so upset over my comment the other night was all, "But Lindsey! I thought that jean shorts were tacky!?" like she thought that would make me upset or something. Ugh. So I just told her, ", I was talking about jean skirts, not shorts, and B-T-dubs, my opinion can totally change. I had those shorts, like, forever ago. Get over it." And that was pretty much that.

That incident was last October, but it has haunted me ever since. It's not like I give a crap about what the girls on my JV volleyball team really think of me, but still, I don't want to be a hypocrite. And yet, ever since May, all these light-wash, rolled-up denim shorts have been practically everywhere, and slowly but surely I've started to fall in love with them. It's been a long few months of internal struggle, but finally, on Saturday (at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) I caved when I saw this pair of perfect Joe's Jeans shorts, and I've never felt better about a purchase in my life.

I'm tired of taking crap from girls who think hoop earrings and Ugg boots are still cute, and I've decided to just trust my fashion conscience. And next time we wear coordinating outfits, I'm suggesting we all wear silk scarves.

First Impressions

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I am so excited to visit Paris next week! One of the many things I am looking forward to is visiting the Musee D'Orsay, which is well known for its collection of French Impressionist works, my favorite style of artwork. So, in preparation for such a wonderful museum, I was glancing through my giant coffee table book, The Great Book of French Impressionism and picking out my favorite pieces. I love all of the paintings, really- impressionism is so inspiring to me because of the bold strokes and bright colors. It's so lively and exciting. Here are some of my all-time favorite pieces.

Eduard Manet Lola de Valence, 1862

 Claude Monet Regatta at Argenteuil, 1872

Georges Seurat The Circus, 1891

Claude Monet Bordighera, 1884

Vincent van Gogh Irises

 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Alfred la Guigne, 1894

Edgar Degas Four Dancers

 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec In the Circus Fernando: The Ringmaster, 1888

Aren't these pieces phenomenal? I apologize because some of the colors are distorted (I didn't even put up a few more pictures because the vibrancy and pop of the colors was so ruined by the pictures) but hopefully you can see why I adore these pieces. Everything about impressionism- the strokes, the subject matter, the tone- is fascinating (to me, at least), and they really do serve as wonderful inspiration for designing and creating clothes.

talkin' about my generation

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First it was the 80s that made a comeback, then this spring was all about the 70s, and now, finally, my favorite fashion decade is making a huge splash this fall. That's right, this fall, it's all about the glamorous, ultra-mod, and Mad Men-esque look of the 60s!

I'm talking about beehives, peter pan collars, tweed coats, and mod dresses. Here are some magazine shoots already featuring the look of the 60s-

 (images not mine)


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"What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do, money comes to us. Doors open for us. We feel useful. And work we do feels like play to us." - Julia Cameron 
Hi guys! How are you doing recently? Hope you're all good! Hmmm, Im apologise for my absence almost for 2 weeks. Yes, the first of craziest weeks I hv ever lived.. I was sick in my MOS / Orientation Period at my senior high school. I don't necessarily mean crazy as stressful, just, you know...crazy. I lost 1 kg but Im not happy at all, it kills me. Seriously. Excuse my tired eyes and flat expression :p

currently loving Google Sketchup7 programme!

the rest is still unwritten...

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Did you watch it?

You know what I'm talking about. THE HILLS SERIES FINALE!!!

Okay, so I was never a religious viewer, but I'll admit that I loved LC and Whitney and even Heidi before she got all psycho frankenstein on us. It was a fun show to watch when just lazing around and, let's face it, it was definitely amusing. When Lauren was on it and I started getting into it, I did actually watch it more regularly, but then she and Whitney left and they were the only two I really cared for, and I kind of got over it.

But of course, I had to watch the finale, just to say I did.

And holy crap. (watch out, if you haven't seen it, don't read more!)

So everyone's leaving the Hills (both the show and the actual place- I'm not sure why everyone is moving all of a sudden?) and they're all sad and sobby and 'OMG I'll miss you guys soooo much even though I always hated your guts!' and Audrina moved to Malibu (so far away from 'The Hills,' I know) and everyone was just in that sentimental mood, I guess.

Lo hugged her boyfriend -I don't know whatever happened there, I used to like Lo and then she became a main person and I hated her- and Audrina -cannot stand that girl- watched the waves in the 'Bu and Kristin and Brody were all 'oh I'm so sad everyone's leaving and I was so mean to them all and now that we're all leaving I realize how stupid I am' (not really, but some boring sentimental stuff) and then she gives Brody a hug and drives away and there are these flashbacks of the girls over the years and Natasha Bedingfield is singing a sad version of "Unwritten" (the theme song) and even I, who went from barely interested to semi-amused to full-out loathing the show, thought it was sweet, and they show Brody standing, the Hollywood sign in the distance, looking longingly as Kristin drives away...


I'm serious.

All of a sudden, the background starts moving. and for a second I think that maybe Brody's moving to the side, or something's wrong with the camera, I don't know, something was up, but the Hollywood sign keeps on moving and suddenly Brody isn't standing in front of the Hollywood Sign at all, but in the middle of a studio! He's on a movie studio lot! What the heck!!??

And that car the Kristin drove away in? Sitting right there, just out of view until the camera started to pan out, and someone yells cut or something like that and Kristin pops out of the car and gives Brody a big old hug, like their tearful goodbye was all fake. The last shot is of the real Hollywood Sign as the golden California sun sets, and then black.

I think that was the best ending to any TV show I've ever seen.  It's the Hills, I know, not some critically acclaimed drama that has won ten Emmys for the past five years. It's the Hills. I thought that the conversation with Kristin and Brody was going to be the end, just a sad goodbye as we all leave the girls we came to hate love. But then they did that whole thing at the end, and holy crap it was the best thing I ever saw.

The Hills, as you know, has always been blamed for actually being scripted, that all of the drama is fake and everything is manipulated by the producers. That ending, therefore, was absolutely genius, because it totally poked fun at all the controversy and also admitted that, hey, maybe we really have all been fooled, that everything was fake, or maybe only some things were. the truth is, we'll never know for sure, but to end the show in that way was just brilliant, in my opinion. That last minute said everything it needed to say.

(Image not mine; we'll miss you guys and The Hills)

the rainbow connection

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(images not mine)

The sun is finally, after three weeks of hiding from the California Coast, here once again! And it makes me think about rainbows and dancing and all things magical.

destination unknown

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So in approximately two weeks my mommy and I are grabbing our passports and our cutest flight-ready sundresses and jetting off to the City of Light for five days before I continue along to Denmark. I am so stoked for this trip, more excited than I think I've ever been in my entire life! It will be my first time in Paris, let alone Europe, and I just cannot wait for such a fabulous experience.

In those five days -I know, such a short time for a city of endless possibilities!- we will be mostly eating fabulous rustic French food, touring a few art museums (and possibly seeing the costume design archives at the Louvre!), and, of course, shopping! (I haven't been in a month, so Paris, you better not disappoint!)

Obviously some of you other bloggers are skilled in the art of Paris-visiting, and if any of you have recommendations on where to eat, shop, or just places we absolutely cannot miss, please do let me know! I want to get the best out of our five days in Paris =)

making something out of nothing...

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(images not mine; Fiveloaves Twofish spring/summer 2010 collection)

If you haven't heard of Fiveloaves Twofish yet, you will soon! The local children's and women's handmade clothing line has only been around for a few years, but this fall the children's line is expanding to other boutiques, and the store's popularity is expanding rapidly. And why wouldn't it? The store offers both ready-to-wear and custom clothing, all made in the store. It is a rare concept, especially in a world of mass-market production and quantity instead of quality. And, although many stores boast "unique" clothing, Fiveloaves Twofish is one of the only stores I've ever been to that can truly call their creations unique.

I have been fortunate enough to become a summer intern for the store, and it is one of the best experiences of my lifetime. I've been taking sewing lessons with one of the owners for about a year and a half now, and now I am working for the store, doing all the things that I dream of doing someday as a designer for my own line. I'm cutting and sewing clothes, learning about PR and contacting other boutiques that will hopefully begin carrying the line, and figuring out how to run a small business, just by coming in a few days a week and working for them. The owners, Kit and Heather (who are also sisters) have been so gracious and sweet, and they have inspired me to pursue my dreams of entering the fashion world in ways that they probably can't even imagine.

Check it out if you get the chance. You won't be disappointed. :)

double vision

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Tank: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shorts: J. Crew (man, I need to wash them)

Alrighty! Off to watch the Spain/Netherlands game. Good luck to both teams!

Somewhere over the moon river

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Jean Paul Gaultier was an absolute genius this couture season. Sometimes I like his stuff, sometimes I detest it, but this time around I was head-over-heels in love with his clothes.

I loved the rich hues and vibrant fabrics, the accentuating details that made looks even more attractive than they already were. I enjoyed especially the cut of each dress, how each dress or piece was cut in a clever and unique fashion, and yet they were all still flattering to the model's figure, without being too boring. The turbans were such a neat touch too, and it made me want to find the nearest turban store, something that I've never wanted to do really since those Prada turbans came around back in the Spring of '07.

But what I enjoyed most of all was the overall look of the clothes. Many people have already pointed this out, but I too found a striking resemblance to what would be Audrey Hepburn's modern-day wardrobe. There was certainly a Breakfast at Tiffany's inspiration, but what I found was some of the clothes even took it a bit further. Many of them seemed almost as if Holly Golightly, in her modern outfits, had made her way to the Land of Oz. There was just that whimsical feel to many of the clothes, especially in the later pieces, and I absolutely adored it. A perfect balance between chic and whimsical. I love it.

The modern-day Holly Golightly

Holly in the Land of Oz (especially Jessica Stam's green dress; total Ozian!)

The flying monkeys attacking Holly's wardrobe (?)

The Lions Roar

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I must admit that Chanel's couture collection for this fall was not my favorite. The beginning of the collection was absolutely horrendous, with the bland pallet and bulky proportions. It just wasn't what a Chanel collection usually is all about. Then, about halfway through, it got arguably better. Monochrome turned into a metallic mix of colors and textiles, intricate details became more apparent, and the figure of the models were finally seen. And once I noticed this change taking place in the show, I began to like it a whole lot more.

The geometric patterns and metallic hues gave many looks a futuristic, alien-chic feel to them, but there was still an old-world feel.

Then there were several outfits featuring these great flower details that were just so beautiful. The vibrant colors paired with the rich navy and blue hues was absolutely exquisite.

But what I really loved were the shoes! Ankle boots all the way, baby! Along with some other details of looks that were absolutely stunning.

More, Dior, More!

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I know this is a bit late, and by now you're all busy drooling over the new Chanel couture collection, but I do have a lot to say about the Dior show and hopefully you aren't already bored of it. So here we go.

Okay, so couture is always fabulous, end of story.

But there's even more to this story of Dior. Sometimes couture can be too simple for my tastes, sometimes too theatrical or even unwearable, but I believed that this collection was the perfect balance between over-the-top craziness and actual wearability. I mean, I know couture is really much more about the art and presentation than the practicality of it all, but it is nice to look at outfits that you will actually see celebrities wearing on the red carpet and such. So that was an automatic plus for Dior.

And then there was the whole concept behind the collection, the action of taking such fantastic inspiration from nature and floral aspects, that absolutely wowed me. I've always found nature to be so inspirational and beautiful, just as I'm sure most do, but often when trying to translate a hibiscus into an evening gown sketch, I find that my dress is more of a flower with straps, rather than the idea, the essence of the hibiscus in dress form. It's very difficult to see something so beautiful already and not take it too literally. And yet, John Galliano was able to do such a seemingly difficult task and turn it into something so beautiful to look at, perhaps even better than just a flower, because of course you can actually wear it. He was able to take the essence of all the flora around him and turn it into something even better.

For that, I applaud him. Galliano not only managed to make these outfits look chic and artistic, but he also did that without losing a certain theatrical aspect that makes couture shows so great- but that theatricality did not overshadow the primary function of the clothes. Here are my favorite pieces and details of the show.

(please do click to enlarge, the actual picture is much larger; images courtesy of


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"When I move my body, I don't care if my makeup smears. If my face looks silly. I just wanna have fun!"
Charlotte Russe lace top; Esprit tee worn as..cape?(lol); Old Navy shorts, Everbest heels; random accs

Like when you dance in a party, you feel the beat running in your vein, can you think about anything else?So, please enjoy your time, don't waste it on unnecessary things and minds!

Inside my bag this summer: The Body Shop Facial Spritz, ROC Sunscreen (SPF 40), The Body Shop Lip Butter, sunglasses, Watsons Oil Control Roll, eyeliner for tightlining my upper waterline; and hairband. Products Im loving now is The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter above!it has the best scent ever!

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