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Did you watch it?

You know what I'm talking about. THE HILLS SERIES FINALE!!!

Okay, so I was never a religious viewer, but I'll admit that I loved LC and Whitney and even Heidi before she got all psycho frankenstein on us. It was a fun show to watch when just lazing around and, let's face it, it was definitely amusing. When Lauren was on it and I started getting into it, I did actually watch it more regularly, but then she and Whitney left and they were the only two I really cared for, and I kind of got over it.

But of course, I had to watch the finale, just to say I did.

And holy crap. (watch out, if you haven't seen it, don't read more!)

So everyone's leaving the Hills (both the show and the actual place- I'm not sure why everyone is moving all of a sudden?) and they're all sad and sobby and 'OMG I'll miss you guys soooo much even though I always hated your guts!' and Audrina moved to Malibu (so far away from 'The Hills,' I know) and everyone was just in that sentimental mood, I guess.

Lo hugged her boyfriend -I don't know whatever happened there, I used to like Lo and then she became a main person and I hated her- and Audrina -cannot stand that girl- watched the waves in the 'Bu and Kristin and Brody were all 'oh I'm so sad everyone's leaving and I was so mean to them all and now that we're all leaving I realize how stupid I am' (not really, but some boring sentimental stuff) and then she gives Brody a hug and drives away and there are these flashbacks of the girls over the years and Natasha Bedingfield is singing a sad version of "Unwritten" (the theme song) and even I, who went from barely interested to semi-amused to full-out loathing the show, thought it was sweet, and they show Brody standing, the Hollywood sign in the distance, looking longingly as Kristin drives away...


I'm serious.

All of a sudden, the background starts moving. and for a second I think that maybe Brody's moving to the side, or something's wrong with the camera, I don't know, something was up, but the Hollywood sign keeps on moving and suddenly Brody isn't standing in front of the Hollywood Sign at all, but in the middle of a studio! He's on a movie studio lot! What the heck!!??

And that car the Kristin drove away in? Sitting right there, just out of view until the camera started to pan out, and someone yells cut or something like that and Kristin pops out of the car and gives Brody a big old hug, like their tearful goodbye was all fake. The last shot is of the real Hollywood Sign as the golden California sun sets, and then black.

I think that was the best ending to any TV show I've ever seen.  It's the Hills, I know, not some critically acclaimed drama that has won ten Emmys for the past five years. It's the Hills. I thought that the conversation with Kristin and Brody was going to be the end, just a sad goodbye as we all leave the girls we came to hate love. But then they did that whole thing at the end, and holy crap it was the best thing I ever saw.

The Hills, as you know, has always been blamed for actually being scripted, that all of the drama is fake and everything is manipulated by the producers. That ending, therefore, was absolutely genius, because it totally poked fun at all the controversy and also admitted that, hey, maybe we really have all been fooled, that everything was fake, or maybe only some things were. the truth is, we'll never know for sure, but to end the show in that way was just brilliant, in my opinion. That last minute said everything it needed to say.

(Image not mine; we'll miss you guys and The Hills)
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