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"When you can live forever, what do you life for?" - Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyer
Quotes above is taken from may be the hottest movie quote nowadays.. But to think more about it, it's quite hard to answer. Some feel too afraid of death, and some commite suicide. Kinda weird and..complicated.

I know, there's no healthy person who wants to die. It's also nice to know you still hv too much time to get more and learn more, but on the flip side.. To only stand there, watching the years passed like yesterday, people you love come and go.. I don't know if it'd be that worth it. I guess I'd be slowly insane, cos even earth has its end of time.. and realizing Im the only one left to face the doomsday, with nobody's around? May I say immortality is meaningless, pointless and futile by every single day you live in that way?

So if I could choose.. of course I want to live as long as I can, with my big family stay with me, giving me love and care.. Maybe that's enough for me. And till the last second I hv to close my eyes, I still hv them, and no regret comes when my soul leaves my body.. for ever. :)
PS cant wait for Eclipse!

Jungle Boogie

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Dress: by me!
Shoes: Juicy Couture

Ta da! My dress that I finally finished on Saturday. Isn't is cute? I call it the "Jungle Prairie" dress. I'm very proud of it, especially because it is the first thing I've made on my brand new sewing machine, which is so nice! Anyways, yes, idea, pattern, and creation all by me.

If money wasn't an issue...

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My boss was telling me the other day that one of the questions on the application for FIT (where she went) was "If money was not an issue, what would your wardrobe consist of?" and she asked my coworker and I what our answer would be.

At the moment, this is what I would say:

  1. Alice by Temperley Mini Alva Silk Dress- I recently got a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that looks quite similar, but I love the cut and all the hardware is such a lovely touch. It's the ultimate girl-friendly military style dress. 
  2. Mulberry Alexa Leather Bag- I cannot resist a good caramel leather bag, and this is one of the best bags I have seen in a long time. It is functional, big but not too big, and totally and completely cool.
  3. See by Chloe Printed Silk Twill Dress- I absolutely love the print on this dress. It is different but still me, and the little bow just makes it so much better. I also enjoy the structured shoulder. It just gives the dress so much life.
  4. Topshop Knitted Flower Cardigan- okay, so this probably isn't that much of a splurge, but isn't it darling? Such a sweet little sweater with flowers embroidered! I adore it.
  5. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Metal and Enamel Ring- Though I'm not much of a ring person, I would be if I was wearing this ring! Gold and turquoise is perhaps my favorite color combination, and thus, I adore this ring. 
  6. Alexander Wang Zipper Square-Frame Sunglasses- I love, love, love  the shape of these glasses. They're completely oversized and exaggerated, but it looks so neat! I'm not sure how they would look on me, per say, but I will just imagine that they look fantastic.
  7. Miu Miu Bow-Embellished Patent-Leather Flats- It's very difficult to find the perfect pair of ballet flats, but these shoes may very well be the ones. I'm loving the two-tone, almost saddle-shoe affect, and of course, a bow makes everything better.
  8. Moschino Cropped Checked Tweed Jacket- This is a perfect jacket, in my opinion. I am a sucker for anything tweed, navy, or double-breasted- and look! It's all three! Plus, the cut is chic and fun, but you can wear this jacket with pretty much anything. Versatility always wins in my book!
  9. Prova Hamish Camo Printed Silk Scarf- I've always wanted a scarf like this! Well, not really, but I think this is so cute. And I've realized that I really am a scarf person. They are so easy to wear and in several ways too. This one, I'm sure, would be no exception.
  10. See by Chloe Sequinned Tulle Dress- Can somebody say LBD? This dress is a whole new spin on the LBD, because it's even cooler! This is the ultimate party frock. Slip in on and through on your super cute Prada five-inches, and you're ready to go!
  11. Miu Miu Spectator Peep-toe Pumps- Very similar to the other Miu Miu shoes, but brown and in insanely cute heel form!
  12. Tibi Belize Printed Silk Tunic- This is just a fun top to wear, and I love all of the colors blended and mixed together.
  13. Burberry Buckled Leather Ankle Boots- It has buckles, brown leather, and laces. It's the amazing Burberry ankle boot! How fabulous are these boots? Oh, if only I owned them, I would wear them with everything. So what if it's usually too hot here for boots? I will find a way.
P.S. I will update hopefully later today with pictures of the dress I just finished making. I promise, it is absolutely adorable. 

    clouding up my view

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    I feel like California is the coldest place in America right now. It is sooooo cold, I want to break out the coats and boots! Here are a few picks from my inspiration book that remind me of California's usual self.

    Summertime and the living's easy

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    Top: Just Ginger
    Shorts: J. Crew
    Scarf: Banana Republic
    Shades: Coach
    Shoes: Steve Madden

    The best thing about summer is that everything, even the clothes you just kind of grab and throw on before heading down to the beach (exactly what I did today), just seems to all work. Summer has that feeling. And it is a lovely feeling. So is walking down along the beach in the morning and watching dolphins swimming out near the buoy. 

    I love summer. Watching dolphins, listening to Sublime, soaking up the sun. That's what it's all about.

    Resort- Favorite Collections

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    I know, I know. You've probably gotten sick of me talking about resort and how fantastic the clothes have been, but I haven't even told you my overall favorite collections! These are the shows that really stood out to me and made me say "Wow! I want those clothes so bad!"

    Cynthia Rowley

    I think this is such a fun collection, without being too over the top. I feel like this is kind of the girl who stayed home during vacation, but still dressed up. I especially love the bathing suit, the play on the argyle sweater, and that sequin top, I would wear any day of the week. I also love the different blues on the navy dress. I think that is such a beautiful detail.

    Giambattista Valli

     Sometimes I cannot stand neutrals in vast quantities, but I absolutely adore this collection. The fabrics, the cuts, the details- everything is done so elegantly! Here are some of my favorites, but I did have to leave some out because I enjoyed this collection so much. I've been looking for a suitable shirt dress for about forever, and I think I have found my favorites! I also love the eyelet and giraffe-print dresses (giraffes are my favorite!) and the evening gown is just the icing on a lovely fashion cake.

    Nina Ricci

     You know I have a soft spot for anything pink, and so Nina Ricci instantly became one of my favorites. But it's not just the colors she used, but how she used them, that made this such a wonderful collection. The mastery of layering and draping was made quite apparent in this show, and I for one found it absolutely lovely. A personal favorite is the pink with white lace overlay dress in the middle. I think it is so stunning and embodies much of what Nina Ricci is all about.

    Peter Jensen

    Maybe I just love the set, but Peter Jensen was certainly one of my top picks for this year's resort shows. I've been following the designer for a while now and each season I fall in love with the clothes, but something about this show is so fun and theatrical, not just the outfits but the whole presentation, and I love it. All the bright, primary colors and geometric shapes- it's all so whimsical and amusing. Another job well done for one of my favorite designers.

    Wingardium Leviosa!

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    In honor of the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which I wish I was at), I've decided to celebrate the series most fashionable wizard, the lovely Emma Watson. She is truly a fashion icon for me, as well as a wonderful role model of how being famous doesn't mean you can't also be normal (she goes to Brown! How cool would it be if Hermione Granger was your roommate!)

    Looking absolutely stunning in an artistic Rodarte dress.

    Updated preppy with a gorgeous jeweled collar and a fabulous pair of heels. 

    The Burberry spokesmodel posing in one of the brand's best looks.

    Proving a true fashion icon in this dazzling Chanel Haute Couture gown.

    An elegant yet grown-up dress with lace, embroidered flowers, and a fitted form.

    Although the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end, we hope to see Emma and her fabulous taste in clothing for many, many more years.

    (images courtesy of

    Sea Legs

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    Top: J. Crew
    Shorts: made by me
    Shoes: Coach

    more resort favorites

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    1) Balenciaga- I absolutely love the colors and patterns all mixed together. Such a perfectly simple cut to balance out the detailed patterns. And that skinny plain yellow belt just ties it all together.

    2) Chris Benz- I adore the colors of this. That blue is just the perfect vacation, resort color, and the simplicity of the T-shirt with the high-waisted shorts is fabulous. That necklace just adds the perfect touch.

    3) Givenchy- I love the cut of this dress, all the layers, that little vest. It looks quite fabulous. Those shoes just give it some contrast, and I like it.

    4) Jenni Kayne- I usually stand by my theory that blonds look like cupcakes in yellow, but this girl knows how to make it work! Love the simple and sleek cut, and I will even say that I like the color. And those shades! Pure genius.

    5) Lanvin- Lanvin is a regular favorite for me, and their resort collection is always so fun, and of course, this year was no different. The whole show is just so much fun, and I love the whimsicality of it. Another job well done for Alber Elbaz.

    6) Louis Vuitton- Louis Vuitton was another favorite, this look especially because it masters the art of using stripes in a flattering way, florals, and looks like the epitome of tea party chic.

    7) Proenza Schouler- Now, I don't know how it is elsewhere, but in Southern California, these pancho/sweatshirt things are everywhere. It's the Miu Miu print dress of the surfer world. And now, even the runway has succumbed to this trend!? Well, I must admit, Proenza Schouler managed to make this look absolutely marvelous. I may even go buy a pancho/sweatshirt myself.

    8) Stella McCartney- The shoulder piece looks like one of those pieces of coral, you know, the really thin ones with lots of little veins. Whatever it's called, I love how it looks. The lace flowers are gorgeous. Someone once told me that Stella is only a famous designer because of her daddy, but look at this dress! Not just anyone can come up with such a masterpiece!

    9) Tory Burch- I want that top. So bad. This whole South American Aztec traveler look is fantastic. I love it. Not much else to say.

    10) Celine- I think the cut of this dress is so chic and mod. It reminds me of a 60s go-go dress or something, whatever it is, I adore it. And those gold cuffs and necklace just make it that much more appealing.

    11) Emilio Pucci- Pucci is, of course, the master of prints. Sometimes it can come off as cheesy, but certainly not this dress. The colors are so pretty, and I love all the layers. I could totally see someone like Blake Lively wearing this for a red carpet event.

    The Creatures That Sparkle in the Sunlight

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    Can somebody please find another human-magic hybrid thingy to obsess over? Because I'm really sick of vampires and werewolves. It's not just the whole Twilight phenomenon that's got me all irritated, it's just this whole vampire thing that has practically turned into its own subculture, and I really don't understand any of it.

    It's actually that weird show True Blood that triggered the whole "argh!" feeling today. Reviews and stuff say that it's really good, but I just don't get it! They live in some alternate reality where vampires are the norm and everyone has southern accents and girls with big gaps in their teeth are considered cute? I know people like it, but I cannot fathom why.

    And then there's a whole slew of new TV shows airing this fall that have their own "unique" spin on the vampire story, when really there's always going to be some hot and brooding boy who has a "dark secret" and some beautiful girl who's a "loner" and "rejected by society" but they fall for this brooding boy and suddenly she's transported into the world of immortal creatures and decides she wants to become one I right?

    I could also go on forever about the Twilight books, movies, and most of all, the disgusting, ungrateful little cast of so-called "actors," but I think you get my point.

    So why not shine a light on a new breed of human-slash-supernatural being that hasn't been way overdone yet. Like vampires, they also sparkle in the sunlight, have incredible good looks, and lure countless of helpless victims to their death...but in my opinion they are way cooler and have a much better sense of fashion. I mean, clam bras are so genius (albeit a bit uncomfortable).

    You guessed it! Mermaids are ten times cooler than vampires will ever be, and personally, the color of the ocean and their overall look is just much more beautiful than those boringly "mysterious" bloodsuckers.

    mermaid tresses

    hues of the reef

    sparkling scales

    tangled in the kelp forest

    ruler of the sea

    Emerging from the waves

    (images not mine)

    five star RESORT and spa

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    It is no secret that I love resort collections. They are just so much fun! So of course I'm loving getting to see them all (on, but still). Already I'm seeing some stellar looks from both old-time favorites (de la Renta in particular has outdone himself again) and newcomers.

    Here are some of my favorite cruise looks so far:

    Carolina Herrera; DVF; Erin Fetherston; Marc by Marc Jacobs; Oscar de la Renta; Yves Saint Laurent
    (all images courtesy of
    Aren't they just fabulous!? I'm already seeing that pink is going to be huge this winter (and as a Barbie girl, I must admit that I am ecstatic) and that bold colors and prints will be everywhere. Thankfully, these are some of my favorite things! 

    I'll be sure to update with later resort favorites. You can clearly see why I love it so much. 

    Three Little Birds

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    A little sundress that I made. Yes, I sew too! I call it the "Tweet Tweet" dress. It's my favorite thing I've made yet and I love it. =) I'll be sure to put up some of the other things that I've made soon.
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