I Hope They Wear... (Golden Globes)

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The Golden Globe nominees are out, but more important than who wins is what they win in. Here are my dream ensembles for the night's featured females.

Natalie Portman
Luisa Beccaria Spring 2011

Natalie could basically wear anything, she's so darn pretty, but this particular gown is so absolutely perfect for her. I absolutely adore that color, and the cut is all ballerina-like, so it fits for her role in The Black Swan. I personally think she would look like a pink goddess.

Hally Berry
Giambattista Valli Resort 2011

 Halle knows how to rock black, and this dress would look awesome on her. The V-neck still shows some skin, but it's a bit more elegant than some of her more provocative looks from years past. It's a more mature look that still can make Miss Berry look incredibly sexy. 
Nicole Kidman
Ralph Lauren Spring 2011

 Nicole is gorgeous and has the lean, tall figure to pull off a lot of looks that other much shorter actresses cannot. But lately she's been looking rather matronly, and she's so much better than that, I think. This Ralph Lauren number isn't too scandalous but still has some flare.

Michelle Williams 
Jason Wu Spring 2011

 Michelle can rock more edgy looks, and this particular dress would look fantastic on her. It's runway, but not too runway. Of course, she would have to alter the sheer bodice...

Anne Hathaway
Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

Anne's been known to wear dazzling princess gowns and feminine pieces, but I've been waiting for her to spice it up a bit. This Marc Jacobs dress still has loads of glamour, but the fly-away skirt and halter neckline give a bit more sex appeal.
Emma Stone
Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

I showed this list to my mom and she said this dress is too couture for a young girl, and she may be right, but when Emma wore that blue and gold sequined dress some time back I realized that she can rock the bejeweled dresses. If she wears some ultra-high heels with this dress, she could make it work.

Julianne Moore
Lanvin Resort 2011

Julianne Moore has worn nothing but Lanvin for like, the past year, but she hasn't been picking the right Lanvin dresses. This one from the resort collection is so simple but so beautiful, and the chain neckline makes it more appropriate for an awards show.
Angelina Jolie
Elie Saab Spring 2011

Who else can work a slit like that? Angie's been playing it safe recently, and some of her looks have been off, I daresay, but this dress would bring her right back to the best-dressed lists.

Mila Kunis
Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2011

I was just watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall the other night and Mila's personality is so sunny and warm that she would be able to wear a bright dress like this. I know that her role in Black Swan is a bit more sinister, but I really think that this dress would look absolutely dazzling on her.

Amy Adams
Marchesa Spring 2011

Amy Adams is so beautiful, just like this dress. Everything about this dress I adore, and Amy would look gorgeous in anything, but this dress especially would do wonders for her.

Tina Fey
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011

Images of Tina Fey's Golden Globes dress from last year still haunt my dreams sometimes. She's so funny and really cute too; she just needs better dresses to match. Tina's known to be more conservative and she's always wearing black, so this dress is really a perfect match. Still, it has some flair to it that will make her look more starlet and less senior citizen.

Lea Michele
Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2011

Lea has become quite the hot young thing this year, and this dress is perfect for a girl who loves the spotlight. The cut is sexy and young, but the pink belt is playful and girly for a younger starlet. 

Clair Danes
Louis Vuitton Spring 2011

Claire knows how to take risks. This Louis Vuitton dress is so chic and so fun with all that fringe, I just want someone to wear it. But personally, I think Claire could rock this frock like no other.

Sofia Vergara
Christian Dior Resort 2011

Sofie Vergara is perhaps one of the sexiest women around at the moment, and this dress have enough va-va-voom personality to show off all of her assets. Still, the seafoam color is sweet and princess-y, so it's not entirely in your face. 

So, what are you're predictions for the ladies of the Golden Globes?

The Girls of 2010: No. 6

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Leighton Meester

I may be biased, seeing as how Blair Waldorf is my absolute idol, but Leighton has really proved to be just as fashion-forward as her on-screen character this year. Some may claim that Leighton is trying too hard to compete with her effortlessly cool costar Blake Lively, but I think the two have completely different styles, both of which I enjoy very much. Leighton loves to take risks and I think they pay off. Which is a good thing, too; with her first major movie roll in Country Strong and campaigns for Vera Wang and Missoni coming this spring, she better get used to being in the spotlight.

The Girls of 2010: No. 7

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Zoe Saldana

As one of the main characters in the most successful movie this year, Zoe Saldana has had one heck of a year. And with Avatar in the spotlight, the pressure was on for Zoe to woo us with some equally thrilling looks. But with her exotic looks and charming personality, Zoe has proved to be as stylish as the best of them. And let's face it: who else could have pulled off the Givenchy dress like her?



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His eyes were unlike anything I had ever seen before. They were greener than the most secluded meadow after a spring shower, and yet housed the fury of a sea after a storm. Their depths told many stories and wisdom beyond my understanding, speaking of things that I should never know. Those beautiful, terrible eyes followed me as I sat at a coffee shop, watching my every move. A slight blush crept into my face at the intensity of his gaze, and he walked, nearer towards me.
Today, I’m watching you, tears in eyes, on that fateful day in nearly end of December. I know it has to be over from the first day we laugh together, we all do. Pain streaming down my face, head in arms, I sit and think about you. It's must be the time to grow, change and go on our separated ways.
Apparently everyone wanted you. Half of the others would've killed me to have you. But you were mine, clear for everyone to see, for the reasons to the jealousy of everyone else. Then you told me that I would have no reason for loving you. That you would paint the pains in my deepest breath, that you might have still longing for her, the one you miss. That you were the most unbreakable icebergs ever alived. But, in essence, that's the beauty of you. You had such a magical sound in you. Meanwhile, you told me the most stupid thing about you. For love, for her. Still. I heard the jeering; I cringed as you hurled abuse at yourself.
knitted dress from HK; Old Navy fur belt; unbranded stockings; unknown brand new boots from HK

Baby...do I suppose to cry? But why I’m not? Ah, I know I’m deeply adoring you. Let me be the one to know the gracious side in you.

PS Greetings for everyone: Merry belated Christmas! How was your Christmas? Hope you had found gorgeus stuffs for the upcoming New Year! I'm going to spend my NY eve by celebrating my mom's birthday which happens on Dec, 31st =D how about you? ^^
PSS And yes thanks mom for my new bangs! LOL this is the 1st time she did it right fyi xP *hope she didnt read this. Amen*
And yes. The Jack Daniels is just a property. I never taste it in my entire life. LOL xD 

The Daily Look: December 24th, 2010

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Holiday reds at Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2011

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!

xoxo, Lindsey

The Girls of 2010: No. 8

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Emma Roberts

Let's hear it for a girl who knows how to act her age and behave under the spotlight. Emma's had a big year, with a spot in the star-studded Valentine's Day and a lead in It's Kind of a Funny Story, and although she may not be as popular as Miley Cyrus or Taylor Momsen, she definitely has those two girls beat on class and poise. Emma has emerged this year as a budding fashion icon as well, with stunning appearances throughout 2010. She can rock many youthful looks, but always looks put-together and never desperate.

The Daily Look: December 23rd, 2010

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Bazooka bubble-skirt at Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2011

The Daily Look: December 22nd, 2010

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Cozy pants at United Bamboo Pre-Fall 2011

Pinkies Up

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So my mom was like, "You should do something fun for your friends before Christmas, like a little party!"

So naturally I threw a tea party! 

It was perfect because all the planning and decorating kept my busy for two days and it was gross and rainy and so it's like what else is there to do besides drink tea and eat scones!? And we all wore adorable outfits and laughed and talked about the most non-tea party-appropriate things we could think of. But it was a lovely afternoon full of friends, music, and cucumber finger sandwiches.

The Daily Look: December 21st, 2010

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Plenty of sweaters to go around at 3.1 Philip Lim Pre-Fall 2011
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