don't you want to get out of Cape Cod, out of Cape Cod tonight?

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So guess who I saw last night? 
 Top: Vampire Weekend Tee
Skirt: J. Crew
Shoes: Report 
Bracelet: gift(?)

The outfit was inspired by a mix of Vampire Weekend's awesome preppy Ivy League style and the relaxing yet upbeat music that they play that makes you think of a warmer climate. J. Crew with African beads, just like they do songs about Cape Cod with bongo drums.
But really, the concert was fabulous, and even if you aren't a megafan of them I suggest you see them because they are just so much fun, and unlike most bands, they actually do have a sense of style (and it's one that I actually do like). They were even in Vogue (last picture of 'em)

And my favorite song  they preformed last night: Walcott

no new tale to tell

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It seems that the spring/summer collections in London (I know, that was like, so last week, but it's hard to stay on top of all these shows!) have some stories to share:

 Erdem: the Folktale

Plenty of lace, high collars, and homespun touches make Erdem the most fashionable solution for those with a traditional look.
 Louise Gray: the Magical Tale

One of my absolute favorite designers as of lately, went all out for spring. May not be the most practical of collections, but it sure is beautiful.
Jonathan Saunders: the Summer Tale

Summer has only just ended and already I dream of going back to those carefree days when I look at these clothes. Here's to next year!

 Charles Anastase: The Fairytale

With beautiful pastels, dazzling metallics, and fabulous floral embellishments, it's hard to not picture these clothes in a magical universe.

well can you tell me why you're so stuck up

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Dress and Cardigan: Tara Jarmon (from Paris!)
Bag: J. Crew
Tights: Hue

It was a bit chilly today, so I decided to finally show off my outfit I got at Le Bon Marche in Paris over the summer (with the sleeves rolled up over the sweater, just like the salesperson showed me). I was in a preppy/East Coast/Blair Waldorf mood today. Ha, someone was actually talking about East Coast colleges today and they turned to me and said, "Lindsey, you'd totally fit in." I may be a California girl, but sometimes it's fun to do the prep school look.


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take me to funkytown

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There are some pretty weird shoes out there right now. I wonder if they actually look good on people, but at least they're pretty to look at.

new york state of mind

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Ironically enough, we still are kind of in the spring/summer season, and already we are looking forward to next year's fashion forecast.

But that's okay. Because frankly, I'm in love. Here are some of my favorite New York shows:

Custo Barcelona: The Fearless One

It's no secret that I love color, but sometimes I am so disappointed by the lack of it on runways. All the minimalistic stuff is cool every once in a while, but when it comes right down to it, I am a girl who has almost no black in my wardrobe but almost every color of the rainbow. Can you see why I love this? 

Badgley Mischka: Glamour at It's Best

Every season I'm on the lookout for possible red carpet hits. I am obsessed with evening gowns, perhaps because they're still an item you really only wear while playing dress-up still. I can tell that Badgley Mischka is going to have several red carpet moments this season. Almost every gown was exquisite- I had to narrow it down to my absolute favorites, but there were so many dresses to choose from!

L.A.M.B: The Fabulous Gwen

Gwen Stefani is one of my idols. She's 40+ and still looks like she's twenty, can still rock out with the best of them, and she is one of the few celebrities actually involved with their lines. I've always liked L.A.M.B. and the clothes they've produced- it's like pieces of Gwen that you can wear. But this season Miss Stefani outdid herself  with these cool African prints and ultra-fun party frocks. If only these clothes could be in my closet...

Dennis Basso: Party On

Dennis Basso is another designer that produces fabulous party dresses every season. As I've already said, I'm addicted to evening wear and dresses, so of course I love his work. His spring show was full of all sorts of fun dresses that absolutely wowed- again, I had to pick my absolute top picks. I can see these three dresses on Emma Watson, Zoe Saldana, and Blake Lively, respectively. These dresses are perfect for the Young Hollywood set.

the Circle of life

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Remember two years ago when Christopher Kane absolutely wowed (at least in my opinion) with those fantastic, 3D cutout circles, ie:

To quote Rachel Zoe (I'm watching her show right now) "I literally die." Honestly, when I saw on of these skirts at Barney's, my mom and I freaked. I loved the idea and how the circles created this fantastic shape and volume. Sometimes these ideas are better on paper than they are in real life, but I was absolutely fascinated by how freaking awesome these dresses turned out.

But of course that was two years ago and my obsession with the Christopher Kane collection subsided...

Until, of course, my boss brought in this amazing fabric. First, the color was this deep winter teal that I knew would make my eyes the exact same color, so I was already pumped. But then it isn't just straight raw silk, no, there are little cutout circles sewed on in lines. Immediately I wanted the fullest skirt possible, possibly with a petticoat too, with all the circles just exploding out. And guess what! That's exactly what they want to do with the fabric, too!

And then I see these dresses from Rare at Topshop:

Honestly, I love these. So so chic.

(images from and

psss...I've got a secret

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Gossip is bad.

That is what I've learned this weekend.

But tonight, gossip is good. Yes, you fellow headband-wearing folks know what I'm talking about. After a long, long summer, it has returned.

xoxo, Gossip Girl

haha yes. I am obsessed.

black out tendencies forget about the future

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Argh. Sometimes I really don't understand people.

This is my little bit of rambling I did last night in my sketchbook/journal thing. Just stuff going on with friends and even people I don't care for that just makes me so angry and sad too. So many people right now are throwing their lives away to "live in the moment," and "living in the moment" is fun and all, yeah, but only for that moment, really. But sometimes people have got to think about more than just that moment. I mean, I don't care if it's just some harmless fun, but the people I'm thinking about aren't doing harmless things. They are actually screwing up their lives.

And here's the part where you sigh and say "thank god I'm done with high school"

Oh, how I can't wait 'til I can say that.

Anyway. The real point of this is that I really enjoyed just venting on this little pad of paper and getting to do whatever I want on it. I've always been pretty bad about journaling. I always feel so confined within those little lines, so pressured to write profound things. But sometimes I draw better than I convey messages in my writing, so I like the idea of using a sketchbook to keep both designs and sketches and journal entries. It gives me more freedom.

And this blog is kind of like a journal too, but mostly a fashion-based one, which is really nice because it gives me a place to talk about what I love with other people that really love it too, not just my friends who really couldn't give a crap about how the Proenza Schouler collection is genius and blah blah blah. Sometimes though I like talking about other things, outside of fashion, and it feels good sometimes to actually pick up a Sharpie and just get my frustration out on paper. Besides, the noise a Sharpie makes when you scribble furiously is just so satisfying. It's like those stress tomato things that teachers always have on their desks.

Okay. That's enough ranting for today. ;)

Just around the riverbend

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Dress: Banana Republic
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Sam Edelman
Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Oh, It Is Love

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No, you silly, not with some dumb high school boy! With some incredibly sick clothes, of course!

this globe is getting small

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top: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Paige
Shoes: You should know by now! I wear them in like, every one of my pictures ;)

autumn dreams

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  1. Topshop fur collar car coat
  2.  Chloe leather lace-up boots
  3. Stella McCartney Guipure-lace blouse
  4. Missoni Sciarpa wool-blend scarf
  5. Jason Wu dot-print pleated silk skirt 
  6. Tory Burch Dena messenger leather bag
  7. Miu Miu metal-flower embellished wool-crepe dress
  8. Current/Elliott The Patch corduroy blazer
  9. Lanvin patent-leather ballerina flats

I guess it's just that autumn feeling, but I'm really into these darker, more rustic tones right now, with cool details and a bit of punch here and there. But oh, if I could only have that Miu Miu dress. I would wear it for the rest of my life and be completely happy.
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