I Need a Little Inspiration

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What do you guys do with your old magazines? Do you keep them for future reference or just in case? Do you toss them once the trends fade away? Do you save just your favorite parts?

Me, I like to make inspiration collages out of my favorite pieces. Like this!


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Introducing you my twinny sister. fyi not a biological one!

Hey guys :D Yesterday I went out to Supermal Lippo Karawaci with my twinny sista! This is such a freaky fact, but we met from Facebook, and that social network page has united us in an awesome way :D So Idts if Facebook is kinda a bad thing to use. It depends on us as the users, so what do you think? Do we look alike? Lol xD

Rainbows in the Dark

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Top: Volcom
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Coach
Necklace: taken from my mom's jewelry :)

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

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Thank god! AP testing is finally over and now all the stress is released from my life. I'm serious. You have no idea how good it felt to walk out of that room after four hours of testing. Good feeling.

Kind of like the feeling I got after viewing the Chanel Resort 2011 collection (online, anyways. Unfortunately, I'm not on the Chanel guest list- yet). I must say that resort is by far my favorite season, just because it is so carefree and obviously a little more warm-weather oriented (I mean, I loved Chanel's fall collection too, but giant fur boots just won't work down in SoCal, even during the winter). My favorite looks and why I love them:

  1. The colors of this dress are so neat. I mean, it's rainbow, but not like, ugly flashy rainbow. It's not as in your face, you know? And I love the image that this look conjures, of a beautiful woman on the beach that has to turn away from her beau proposing to her on the beach at sundown because she's having an affair...or something like that. I have a big imagination.
  2. I'm not sure quite why I like this so much, I just like the way it looks. Light wash jeans are definitely on my summer must-haves list.
  3. That. Hat. Is. Fabulous. I'm a big believer in ginormous floppy hats that are so big they cover your eyes. Plus, the dress is cute too. The texture of the sleeves is quite interesting.
  4. I just think the bathing suit is ultra cute and fun, especially with the necklace and the foot...I don't even know what to call them. But they are cool.
  5. I would totally wear this. It would be cute as a party dress or to a business event (perhaps with tights or pants underneath, though) or even through a jean jacket over it and just chill. And it's pink. Always a plus.
  6. This is like, the cooler, edgier (but still cute and sleek) version of the previous swimsuit. And that shirt. May not "cover up" much, but I want it anyways.
  7. The silhouette of this dress is so unique. That skirt especially is tres chic. And I like the whole "beach safari" feel to it.
  8. Another cool silhouette, another fabulous dress.
  9. Classic Chanel, but with a twist. The eyelet trimming is gorgeous, and I love the color. So sleek and just totally summer
  10. This could be an evening gown, or it could just be the coolest cover up ever. That's what I love about this collection. Everything is so versatile and so laid-back.
  11. Another evening/cover up. And I like how this look goes back to previous collections, kind of pulls it all together. Plus, the patterns on this dress are very neat.
  12. Once again, it seems like something you could wear to the office or whatever, but then that lace overlay in the middle is the total opposite.

 So I hope it's safe to say that I LOVED this collection. What a great way to kick off resort season!

    Barbie in Action

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     So I've been meaning to show you guys not just stuff about runway shows and awesome clothes, but also what I love to wear! I will admittedly call myself a pink-loving prep who lives in sandals and does not even venture outside without her oversize shades. I love dresses as much as I love my Prada heels, and I never pass up an opportunity to dress up.

    It seems that springtime is filled with parties and events and chaos, and here are two outfits that I am particularly fond of.

    For a friend's birthday
    Dress: Juicy Couture
    Shades: Coach
    Shoes: BP

    At my own birthday party
    Dress: Roxy
    Necklace: Five Loaves Two Fish
    Wedges: Juicy Couture 

    I'll definitely be posting many more outfits soon, so be sure to check it out!

    A SHY HI.

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    Welcome to my blog! So today is my graduation day and I decide to choose this date to proudly present my new official site:
    Barbie Junk

    Just a simple petite girl sharing her love for all things fashion and beauty.. (I'm only 5'06" height!) By no means a pro, just sharing what I can =)
    Fashion is my passion along with anything beauty related. I like to make girls/women feel beautiful, it doesn't take a lot of effort, just determination. I hope my fashion and beauty tutorials will be useful to some of you out there ^_^

    Feel free to comment on my posts, follow my blog, exchange link, and enjoy reading!
    ~ (っ∩_∩)っ ~
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