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Digging all sorts of headdresses, jewelry, weird stuff right now


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Seasons! What Seasons!?

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So one of the biggest dilemmas we shopaholics face is buying something that is appropriate to the season we are in. Of course, that's difficult when boots hit the stores in July and bikinis in January. Personally, I always feel hesitant to buy a summery dress in September -even if it is on sale- because I wonder how much I will really wear it in the coming season.

But wait! You no longer have to fear the changing of the seasons because I have come up with easy ways to transition your favorite summer purchases into fall ensembles. So before you take move those mini skirts and sandals into your storage closet, take my advice and create some style-worthy outfits that can withstand sun and snow.

A girly sundress may seem to flimsy to put up with the cold- in both material and attitude- but vamp it up with more sophisticated pairings (preferably in black) and a bold-hued accessory. 

Take your denim cutoffs away from the poolside and into the grungier cityscape. Layered shirts with plenty of sass and engineer boots give these laid-back staples some edge.

Take a cue from the Olsen twins and give your maxi dress a bohemian remix. Chunky coats and textured scarves give a nod to the seventies, but the polished black leather accessories bring this look to the present.

Give your lacy top some substance by pairing it up with these strong pieces. Play with proportions and fit and use heavier items to contrast against the soft lace.

Your playful romper can transition into a sleeker look with office-ready blazers and loafers. Rompers may be about looking playful, but you can also look poised.

(all items found on Net-A-Porter.com)

Best Place to Buy Plus Size Jeans for Women

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In general, women look alluring in jeans, and that applies to plus size women, too. This brief guide about the best places to buy plus size jeans for women will help to make your next shopping spree a breeze.

Shopping online has become so common nowadays that a growing number of people now prefer to shop online. There are many reasons for this, but at the top of the lists are convenience and

Frolicking through the Flowers

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My camera is still broken but instagram is here to save the day! I just recently completed this dress, which I like to call the 'Giselle' dress because it reminds me of something Giselle from Enchanted would make out of curtains to frolic around Central Park in. All I need is a flower garland and some birds chirping in the background. 

(image taken with Instagram)

The Cat's Meow

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Cat Eye sunglasses are all the rage lately. Get your Pink Lady on with some of these retro shades.

From top: Anthropologie "Nine Lives Shades"
Yves Saint Laurent "Cat Eye-Frame" Acetate Sunglasses
Betsey Johnson "Crazy Cat Eye" Sunglasses
Topshop "Plum Wing Stud Detail Cat Eyes" Sunglasses

We Built This City

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On this perfect summer Sunday two of my friends and I went to the U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition in Imperial Beach and it was a perfect way to spend the day! The sand sculptures are really quite impressive, vendors and fun interactive booths lined the streets, and fair-worthy food filled the air with sweet aromas. While my camera is still in the shop (which is why I haven't been uploading any personal style shots, though I promise my style is chic as always) I've been using my Instagram app to take snapshots. The Kate Spade tumblr keeps on uploading instagram pics and I must admit it is a quick and easy way to turn drab photos into cool, vintage-looking shots.

Images taken by me on my iPod with the Instagram App

Where the Magic Happens

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*sorry I took this down for a while, apparently not all of my post showed up

I first would like to apologize for my lack of posting recently. I've been bopping around California, working, living, whatever, and I haven't felt a whole lot of inspiration for blogging. And of course, this past week has been spent dwelling in Harry Potter-ness. (Yeah, if you didn't know, I'm a gigantic Harry Potter fan. I can tell you almost any fact you need to know) I saw the final movie three times already (am I embarrassed to admit that? Absolutely not!) and oh, it was beautiful. Of course the movies are wonderful for their amazing visual representations of the beloved series we grew up with, but as a fashionaphile I would like to acknowledge the costumes that made Harry Potter more magical, especially in the later films. 

So let's recall some of my favorite fashion moments throughout the films:

Fleur de Lacour, the French beauty from Beauxbaton, in her Yule Ball gown. Fleur is supposed to be this gorgeous girl (she is half Veela, after all) but I love how she is sultry without being overt. The Harry Potter girls in general are all lovely, but in the wizarding world their wits matter just as much, if not more, than their looks, a powerful lesson.

Luna Lovegood, my absolute favorite Harry Potter character and fashion/life inspiration, in the dress she wears to Bill and Fleur's wedding. Luna is like this perpetual beacon of sunshine and her cheery yellow dress exemplifies such optimism -even in dark times as Voldemort gains control of the wizard world- and I admire that so much about her.

Another display of how the Potter girls can look good while simultaneously fight off dark wizards. Hermione's bright red dress in the seventh film is perfect, especially against the blacks and greys of everyone around her. BONUS: her bag may look tiny, but unlike muggles who could store maybe some lipgloss and a credit card, tops, her magical purse holds everything the trio needs for a wicked escape.

Neville Longbottom, the true hero of Deathly Hallows Part Two, blows up a bridge, gives an emotional speech, kills that last horcrux, and gets the girl, all while wearing a cardigan. Badass enough for you?

Luna in her Christmas party dress. The dress is so fantastic from a design perspective and it looks like it's trimmed with tinsel! Luna is not afraid to express herself through her outfits, but she never does it to be noticed. She's just genuine about who she really is!

Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort's most loyal death eater, may be a bit psychotic, but her gothic-inspired black gowns are pretty rad. The lace-up details, the corsets, the cool textiles, it all gives Bellatrix a very interesting look. And of course, her Bride of Frankenstein hair makes her even cooler.

My favorite of Luna's looks, she comes back to Hogwarts for the sixth film decked out in her spectraspecs (courtesy of the Quibbler), unicorn-print skirt, and waist-length blonde hair. I actually dressed like this for the premier (yeah I am a big dork, you now realize this) but I've actually been taking a lot of inspiration from Luna's style as of late- her colors, her effortless combination of fabrics and prints,- she really is one of my fashion icons.

Fleur in her wedding dress is absolutely stunning. I remember watching that scene for the first time and freaking out. "THAT'S ALEXANDER MCQUEEN!" I shouted, and everyone was like, "Huh?" Awkward, because the dress was designed by the film's costume designer, not the people at McQueen, and there is much controversy over this gown. Knockoff or not, it is stunning and made for the prettiest wedding scene.

Last but not least...

 Hermione's Yule Ball dress is without a doubt my favorite fashion moment of the film series- one of the best moments of Harry Potter, period. Some people argued that this signaled the end of smart, "looks aren't important" Hermione, but I believe this was an absolute Cinderella moment. She didn't become some beauty-obsessed bimbo, but rather, I feel that Hermione realized she could have both beauty and brains. But seriously, how can anyone watch the scene of her coming down the stairs and not go, "whoa." True beauty right there.

(images not mine)


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Mon cher, you were in my dream last night. You smiled at me the way that you used to, the way you gave it only for little me. It was almost like you still wanted me - wanted us. But then I woke up alone and you weren’t there in my arms as I used to embrace you from behind along the cold night.
Ah,you were gone. I can’t wait for the day when I wake up and I don’t remember what it’s like to wake up next to you.When I’m glad that I have bigger space without having to share it with pains and wounds. Most days are probably… fine; I wake up and I’m ok - grateful, I guess. But then on the other hands, there are the days like today- when I forget that we had decided together that this was the end and I forget that it should be better for the each of us.
Those are the days where I just want you to play video games with me again. Or throw jokes about each other. Or just put your hands around me. Those are the days where I forget that, before I met you, I used to be strong enough to get through the day without a lover.

I've been MIA like forever lol, it's holiday and I supposed to blog like more often. But unfortunately, I was suffering from sick (Read: blood vomiting *iuh*) and I don't have any idea abt it =( But hey, still I have to thank God for recovering me little by little now! ^___^

So these last 2 weeks I mostly go out with bf and he's just sweet. I love the fact that he can act like my bestfriend in the same time as a caring man <3 And since I got 1st rank this semester, mom let me shop more which I'd post soon =) (yayness!) Feel free to comment my current drawings and I've been missing you loves!! Xo<3

Living the Dream

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My girl crush on Hailee Steinfeld has only grown tenfold after seeing her gorgeous ad campaign for Miu Miu's fall 2011 collection. While I was unsure of how well-suited Hailee was for this collection -the clothes seem a bit too mature for her- the pictures are stunning. Especially the more candid shots. I am so envious of her right now! She is just too beautiful!

(all images from Miu Miu)
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