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*Thank God It's Spring Break!

After the most dreaded month for high school seniors, Spring Break could not be more appropriately timed. I don't think I could have made it through all the stress, the rejection, the excitement, and the self-doubt without knowing that at the end of the month I would have a fabulous week off when I could completely rejuvenate. I feel like I need a spa day or something after these past few weeks.

Now that March is over and I have a break off, let's celebrate the joys of vacation, beaches, swimsuits, and SUMMER! Only two more months of high school and then summertime babayy!!

Lindsey Wixson by Alasdair McLellan for US Vogue
by Margaret Durow
Abbey Lee Kershaw at Chanel

Elle Fanning for Self Service #35
Imogen Poots for Tank Magazine Spring 2012
Beginning Boutique Look book
Eric Rohmer, Claire's Knee
Mila Kunis for Harper's Bazaar April 2012

Friday, I'm In Love: Miu Miu

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This Miu Miu clutch is so absolutely perfect. Most clutches are gold or black, which is so totally boring for spring, but this clutch is coral and I absolutely adore coral. The shape is sweet and flirty, too, and I kind of like how the gold at the top reminds me of an awesome mustache. The clutch is available at

Fight On!

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Guess what arrived in the mail today? You have no idea how excited I am. I even wore a mustard sweater and red raw silk skirt to school today to show off how absolutely stoked I was to receive a BIG ENVELOPE from THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (aka the university of spoiled children, where I will fit in perfectly!)

Who would ever think that burgundy and gold go so well together? Certainly not I, but upon second thought I realize there are a lot of opportunities for these colors. So I scoured the internet to find some possible school-spirit-appropriate clothes, and wouldn't you know, even Proenza Schouler has hopped on the "Burgundy <3's Gold" Train. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

TOP: J. Crew; Zac Posen; Miu Miu BOTTOM: Burberry; Proenza Schouler; Kain

. My Ladies . By Fairy

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Thank you Fairy for ur AMAZING work!! Great pic :D Girly Family Pic \o/

Gonna share ofc My outfit on this Pic ; )

Teresa Lectar:

HAIR- Magika // B&W Pack // Andarial
TOP- [Cynful] Chichi - Lace - white (wear me) Thank you Cynthia
JEANS- Miamai_LowRise Jeans FairBlue
SHOES-*X*plosion BeautyRetro Shoes (beige)
SHADES- *Just Me* SunGlasses Terry Classic

Luv yall girls <3

Friday, I'm In Love: The Hunger Games

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I know you've probably all heard about The Hunger Games by now, but seriously you guys, it is soooo good. I went at midnight last night and it was fabulous. I do suggest reading the books first but even if you are just a casual viewer you will be able to appreciate the compelling tale of dear Katniss.

For fellow fashion bloggers, you will revel in the neon-hued threads of the Capitol crowd and physics-defying gowns Katniss dons in order to gain sponsors for the horrible Games she is forced to compete in. Katniss herself is a true inspiration and is one of the strongest female characters I have seen in a long time. Critics of Twilight rejoice, we have found the anti-Bella!

Check out some of the sweet clothes in the movie:

District 12 Tribute Escort Effie Trinket's signature color is pink
Flamboyant head wear from the Capitol spectators
Effie loves a good floral accessory, and her eye makeup is fabulous!
Katniss presents herself during her interview as "The Girl on Fire" and her red-hot dress literally spews out flames. Karl Lagerfeld, make this happen!
Even Katniss' training uniform is a perfect inspiration for spring's athletic influences
Wig makers hard at work to get the Capitol crowds en vogue
Some chic Capitol footwear
Katniss' final interview outfit is supposed to be innocent and sweet -but those false eyelashes totally scream BAMF

. Just Playing .

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Teresa Lectar:

HAIR- Magika [01] TwentyFour
HOODY- [Cynful] MeshHoody - white (wear me) Thank you Cynthia
PANTS- [Cynful] Modest Skinny Jeans - Ripped Thank you Cynthia
BELT- ~Pepper~ Music Belt White (xstreet)
SHOES- DeeTaleZ white chuckers
TATTOO- S (and) P - Suck it Tattoo
BRACELET- MIEL CHUM bracelet - (boxed)

 I do not use to do my posts with music... But i am dedicating this post to my SL sister Venus Dominica... So i am putting one song that we both already sing so many times not together... but we did it <3 ya sistah

. Like Jungle .

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Teresa Lectar:

HAIR- .ploom. Lea - Blondes 1
SHADES- ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. for Energy Club 2nd Anniversary Thank you Datrip
TOP- {BaBiiDoLLzz} Mini top Black Thank you Baby
BELT- ~Pepper~ Navajo Jewelery Set xstreet OFFER
PANTS- -SU!- Xlaw Ripped Jeans Black BOX
BOOTS- ..::Energie::.. Lilly Uggs Boots  Bag Thank you Daddy
TATTOO- s:x ink HEARTS TATTOO & S (and) P - Suck it Tattoo

Spring Break's Around the Bend

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Guess who's going to college! THIS GIRL!

And maybe because I've got university on the brain I turn to a coveted collegiate tradition: Spring Break. Of course high schools have breaks in the springtime as well, but there seems to be something almost magical about having to take a break from college, which seems so otherworldly and sophisticated right now, but I know is basically just like high school with new people (or not, if I end up going to UCSB, because that is like my high school 2.0)

Well, whatever age you are, whatever you are taking a springtime break from, let's celebrate with some fabulous vacation wardrobes full of sunshine-ready clothes! I've got Palm Springs on the brain for two reasons: Indian Wells Tennis Tournament and Coachella. I wanted to go to both and can go to neither, so I will live vicariously through these two metaphorical suitcase checklists. The first one is everything preppy I would wear to a tennis tournament, and the second is my dream Coachella getup, because you know, the things you wear to Coachella are infinitely more important than the acts you see. (LOL JK)

1. Stella McCartney 2. Collette Dinnigan 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs 4. Miu Miu 5. Stella McCartney 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs 7. Alexander Wang 8. Chloe 9. See by Chloe 10. Dolce & Gabbana 11. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel 12. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
1. Oak 2. Missoni 3. Proenza Schouler 4. Missoni 5. Miu Miu 6. Moschino Cheap & Chic 7. Clu 8. Proenza Schouler 9. Illesteva 10. Alice + Olivia 11. Bell Sigerson Morrison 12. J. Brand 13. Missoni 14. Ksubi
 (all items available at

. SunDay Outfit .

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Teresa Lectar:

HAIR- *Action Womens Hair Trisha - Flirty Blondes [4Pack]
SHOES- ..::Energie::.. Pumps  BLACK  BAG Thank you Allegra
TOP- [Cynful] Aphrodisia - White - White Lace (wear me)Thank you Cynthia
BLAZER- [Cynful] Soho Blazer - Black (wear me) Thank you Cynthia
RING- .:[FCUK'D]:. Piano Ring (black) (wear me to unpack) Thank you Reyna
GLASSES- ***Arisaris Glasses Colors and Flowers
SKIN- :Curio: Pout-Tantrum ALL TONES
BELT- ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt - BLACK xs

P.S- I cannot blog this pants because InimitablyDesign does not exist anymore...

. Feel Free .

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Teresa Lectar

SHOES- ..::Energie::.. Pumps  BLACK  BAG Thanks Allegra
JEANS- [Cynful] Modest Skinny Jeans - Ripped  Thanks Cynthia
BELT- ~Pepper~ Fishy Belt - TFG
NAILS- Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails v1.2
TATTOO- *SL* NewSkool Tattoo & [Plastik]-Soul Ink-Equalize/Bad Word & S (and) P - I'm in love with my dildo Tattoo
HAIR- Magika [01] TwentyFour
TOP- PARADISIS Toxic Bitch Top : Grey

. busy to kill .

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by Oleandra Macalroy

HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack NEW
NECKLACE: - .HoD. - The Crosary - Female
TOP: Maitreya BraTop - Black
LEGGINGS: ISON - leather leggings (black)
BELT: *BLITZED* Legacy belt - Black
BOOTS: Kboots- black - boxed
GUNS: !!Free Colt 45 FREE
CAP: [SISU] M44- Black Crusher Cap
BANGLES: [Misc. Inc.] Douleur Bangles*
FACE BLOOD: :: YaYo :: - Massacre - Bloody Mess


. Kick Out The EPIC MotherFucker .

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Teresa Lectar:

NAILS- Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails v1.2
TATTOO- *SL* NewSkool Tattoo & [Plastik]-Soul Ink-Equalize/Bad Word & s:x ink HEARTS TATTOO & S (and) P - I'm in love with my dildo Tattoo
HAIR- FWH 85    .MarieDoll.
BELT- >>X-Dream Dsg Belt "Letter"Black<<
BOOTS- ..:: Energie ::.  CARGO Boots  Bag
TOP- Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt- .MarieDoll.
PANTS- -SU!- Xlaw Ripped Jeans Black BOX
EYES- BP! ::Adored:: Ice
EYELASHES- - DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes <3
SKIN- :Curio: Pout-Tantrum ALL TONES

Note: My posts never got shape info, because i do all my shapes.

Serving It Up

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1. Make a Racquet tennis bag 2. Tennis Net anklet socks 3. Kate Spade Kissing Tennis Racquet belt 4. Hold Court Quinn tote 5. On the Ball coin purse; All Kate Spade

You can always count on Kate Spade for a healthy dose of bold colors and kitschy cute accessories. The brand's theme of the month seems to be tennis (just in time for the Indian Wells tennis tournament nearby!) and as a vaguely avid tennis enthusiast, I absolutely adore the tennis court greens and actual tennis accessories! Count on these bags being very popular in Palm Springs as the tournament heats up.

(all items available at

FW2012 Round Up

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Sorry I've been MIA lately. It's just one of those stressful times again. Did you know that once you finish your college applications you aren't actually done with tireless applications? Because you have to fill out scholarship forms so you can actually pay for higher education...sorry for ranting. I'm done now.

Of course, if there's anything that can brighten my day, it's the beautiful shows of fall fashion week! I was delighted to see designers are back to having fun. Fall doesn't just mean black anymore. Colors are abundant, just in rich autumnal hues. Geometric prints will dominate stores come fall, as seen at Prada and Rochas. With the stunning success of The Artist and the upcoming The Great Gatsby redux, the twenties will once again be the golden era.

There were tears at Jil Sander when Raf Simons announced his departure, and applause at both Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs shows for the absolutely stunning sets. And, for the first time in maybe all of history, Karl Lagerfeld added some color to his usual black and white ensemble.

Here they are, my personal favorite moments of all the fashion weeks.

Carven, the clothes of our dreams

Carven is one of those brands that always woos the twenty-something girl desperate for a dose of French chic because they make clothes that celebrate the fun of fashion. Once a girl passes the middle school threshold, it is officially acceptable to dress like a four-year-old again, and Carven totally gets this cutesy little girl style without losing any cool. The high collars and stiff cuffs are innocent enough, but the plunging necklines and cut-out shirts are anything but. Every girl's dream.

Let's Put on a Show
From Top: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs

Fashion shows have evolved in the past few years. The internet has given them an unprecedented instantaneous, and now you don't even have to be part of the sartorial aristocracy to enjoy shows as they happen. Due to the widespread publicity of fashion shows these days, designers have revolutionized shows so that they are not just boring catwalks but full-on Broadway-worthy productions. The more elaborate the stage, the better. Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld have managed to master this art of stage decoration, but many other designers are hopping on the stage production (no pun intended, Marc Jacobs) train. While some argue that the costs of these shows is highly excessive, the artistic side of me feels that these sets add a whole new level to the ideas of a collection.

New City, New Energy

Moschino Cheap & Chic has been one of my favorite diffusion brands for a while, because the brand captures all the energy of it's parent, but with the youthfulness that attracts a younger, more colorful crowd. So it seemed perfectly natural for Cheap & Chic to move to London Fashion Week, where neon and cheeky prints are everyday fare. The brand succeeded in capturing the heart of its new city, as the collection got stellar reviews. Katy Perry has already been seen sporting a look from the collection only days after it showed, if that is any indication of the line's success.

The King of Kolor

That's right, I just Kardashian-ized the word color, or should I say, Karl-ized? But seriously, was anyone else as shocked as I was to see Uncle K don blue and purple, two colors that are not black nor white!?

Second Time's the Charm

The problem with Chloe and I, I've recently figured out, is that the first collection I really ever noticed of Chloe's was the Spring 2007 show, which was decidedly ornate for Chloe, and because I've only recently really understood the more minimalist side of fashion, Chloe has long since been a favorite of mine. When I scanned through the Fall 2012 show, however, I was instantly delighted to see that I truly enjoyed what Clair Waight Keller put out for her second collection for the brand. The soft colors and mixed proportions were absolutely lovely. Of course, it was the twisted one-shoulder gown at the end that really did me in.

The Tearful Goodbye

The Jil Sander show was, as it has been for several years now, one of the strongest of the season, and I personally was so delighted with the pale pinks and fifties silhouettes that I was promptly devastated when I heard the news that Raf Simons, the man behind Jil Sander for the past seven years, was leaving the brand. The plot thickens: Raf is now fending off rumors left and right that he will be the new creative director at Dior, and many insiders are speculating that Jil herself may be returning to her namesake brand. Raf will be missed, but we know he's going to do tremendously well wherever he goes.

So you may be asking 'Lindsey, what was your favorite show of the season?' Well, wonderful blog reader, I cannot say quite yet. These things take time. I've certainly fallen in love with many new dresses, but collections as a whole? Usually I hate Miu Miu now and then by the time Fall comes around I'm worshiping at Miuccia's feet, so we'll have to wait and see as we draw closer and closer to fall. Oh, how strange the fashion world is, that spring has not even officially started yet and still I'm yearning for one of Cheap & Chic's technicolor furs?

(all images from

Friday, I'm In Love: Missoni

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On a day like today you just don't question the fact that it is already March 9th and that spring is soon upon us. It's just so darn nice! Enjoying all this 70 degree weather has got me yearning for summer -because it feels like summer, except for that whole school thing- and naturally I'm looking for the perfect summer dress that I can wear while walking down to the beach over Spring Break. This Missoni dress has all the makings of a perfect beach dress: it's colorful, it's lightweight, and it's a freakin' Missoni! Pair with a wide-brim hat, Olsen-worthy shades, and a stellar bikini, and you're good to go!

(dress available at

. A Day After Whore Couture Fair .

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Teresa Lectar:

BOOTS-  * CHANDELLE * Boots Kat. black
SHADES- - CHANDELLE * Glasses Liv. black1
RING- .:[FCUK'D]:. Piano Ring (black) (wear me to unpack) Thanks Reyna Wirefly
MOUTH- [EY:NO] MP3 Player (black)
BELT- >>X-Dream Dsg Belt "Letter"Black<<
PIERCING- [kiLiebe] Holmium Hip Scandal V
BRACELET- *Just Me* Bracelet Katy Black
NAILS- Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails v1.2
TATTOO- *SL* NewSkool Tattoo & S (and) P - Suck it Tattoo
PANTS- -SU!- Xlaw Ripped Jeans Black BOX
TOP- .MarieDoll. - Slut Tube
HAIR- Magika // B&W Pack // Andarial
EYES- !BP ::Adored:: eyes - Ice

Friday, I'm In Love: Diane Von Furstenberg

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As a high school student, I often run into the dilema as to how to best carry all my needed supplies. Sure, I would love to be the girl who forgoes her binders and books for a stylish purse, but alas, the type-A in me cannot go without her organizational skills. This Diane Von Furstenberg backpack is the perfect solution to all my schoolgirl woes! The canvas is wonderful for practicality, and the vibrant yellows and modern floral print give it a cool surfer girl look. 

(backpack from

. hard day .

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by Oleandra Macalroy

SKIN: -Glam Affair- Gio Tan - 01
HAIR: ***Maitreya Uma - Blacks Pack
TEETH: [ PXL ] OpenMouth addon [ Wear ME ]
BODY SUIT: Gawk! Black Lace-Trimmed Body Suit - Black Lace
JACKET: AOHARU_BT_ShortRidersJacket_Black
SOCKS: Izzie's - Overknee Socks
BOOTS: Kboots- black - boxed
NECKLACE: - .HoD. - The Crosary - Female
BANGLES: [Misc. Inc.] Douleur Bangles*
NAILS: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails


Monkey Business

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Fall collections always showcase a sufficient amount of fur, but this season I became acutely aware of a most peculiar sartorial trend that would make the likes of Leandra proud: ladies and gentlemen, behold the mighty gorilla sleeve!

From Left: Antonio Marras, Jason Wu, Versus, House of Holland

From New York to Milan, gorilla sleeves have been all the rage. Why make a boring old full fur coat when you can just make the sleeves fur!? As seen above, the trend can go many ways. From military cool at Jason Wu to rocker chic at Versus, there's a gorilla sleeve coat for every type of girl.

Will you tackle this tricky trend this fall?

(images from

. Urban .

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Teresa Lectar:

FUR- ISON - belted fur vest (gray)
PANTS- [ Cynful ] ChrizzpyJeans - highwaist - black
HAIR- >TRUTH< Paige -  dark browns
BOOTS- BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather (al)
JEWELY- [MANDALA]pearl rain jewely set/onyx/xstreet
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