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Almost one year ago I was attending a pasta dinner with my JV volleyball team (we usually have one the night before home games) and we decided to all wear coordinating outfits for school the next day- you know, a team spirit thing. Now, mind you, I admit that I am thought to be a bit stuck up and shallow at my school because of my fondness for clothing (I see it as an excuse for all the other girls to wear gym shorts and other sloppy ensembles to school, not an insult to me) and thus, I am a peacock surrounded by seagulls (or some other equally annoying, tragically dull bird). I don't mind it, I really don't. In fact, I like being the only girl who knows who Karl Lagerfeld is. I may feel lonely sometimes in the fact that I'd rather talk about my love for the new Rodarte collection instead of last night's episode of The Hills, but it's totally worth it, I promise.

But back to the story.

So when the girls say "coordinating, cute outfits," I think of us all wearing silk scarves or polka dot prints. You know, something cute and fun that shows that we are a team without us looking like total goofballs. But apparently, looking cute and like a team is not an option. No, one girl suggests that we wear our warm-up jerseys with denim shorts and tennis shoes -with our volleyball knee-high socks. Um...ew? I really don't mean to sound stuck up and unwilling to make compromises with the team -really, I don't!- but can't we think of something a little more...oh, I don't know...attractive? Seriously, there's got to be something better than that.

But the girls continue to blabber on and on about jean shorts or jean mini skirts when I simply tell them that jean mini skirts "are totally tacky."

It's a personal opinion is all, I'm not telling anyone to stop wearing jean minis this instant, but personally, the last time I wore one of those skirts was in middle school. I'm over them. Now I think they're ugly. That's all. Apparently, this made the girls on my team really angry -especially because the one girl making all the suggestions wears jean mini skirts practically every day that she doesn't wear gym shorts- and suddenly I was the enemy. I cannot stand jean mini skirts, so I am also evil. (Besides, what would I know about fashion, anyways? It's not like I dress well or read Vogue religiously or check about twenty fashion blogs daily, or anything.) Honestly.

A week later when a friend of mine mentioned, oh, I don't know, something pertaining to daisy duke shorts, I was like, "Oh, yeah, I used to have this pair of jean shorts and they were so short, eventually I couldn't even wear them without feeling like Jessica a la Dukes of Hazzard," and the same girl that was so upset over my comment the other night was all, "But Lindsey! I thought that jean shorts were tacky!?" like she thought that would make me upset or something. Ugh. So I just told her, ", I was talking about jean skirts, not shorts, and B-T-dubs, my opinion can totally change. I had those shorts, like, forever ago. Get over it." And that was pretty much that.

That incident was last October, but it has haunted me ever since. It's not like I give a crap about what the girls on my JV volleyball team really think of me, but still, I don't want to be a hypocrite. And yet, ever since May, all these light-wash, rolled-up denim shorts have been practically everywhere, and slowly but surely I've started to fall in love with them. It's been a long few months of internal struggle, but finally, on Saturday (at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) I caved when I saw this pair of perfect Joe's Jeans shorts, and I've never felt better about a purchase in my life.

I'm tired of taking crap from girls who think hoop earrings and Ugg boots are still cute, and I've decided to just trust my fashion conscience. And next time we wear coordinating outfits, I'm suggesting we all wear silk scarves.
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