Baby Got Back

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Backless gowns are all the rage these days, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley reigns supreme as the current backless princess. They really are prefect for making a head-turning statement, though- from the front, these hip-skimming gowns look like your average couture evening dress, but turn around and BAM! Vertebrae out for everyone to see! It's seductive without being too provocative, and these backless dresses are a sure way to land on best-dressed lists. Let's take a look at some of the most stunning backless beauties:

 Victoria's Secret Angel and Transformers hottie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears her backless dresses with a coy attitude.

Blake Lively is never one to give up an opportunity to show some skin. Legs, chest, arms...and now, back!

Kate Hudson, Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway all bare their backs on the red carpet.

Want to show some backbone? These dresses are total statement-makers.
From left: Ashish, Stella McCartney, Tibi

(images from zimbio and net-a-porter)

The Rainbow Connection

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These bright summer days have me thinking in technicolor.

Tommy Ton Has My Heart

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Almost as exciting as the runway shows themselves are seeing what fashion insiders wear to them! And of course, nobody captures the best streetstyle fashions quite like Tommy Ton. Some of my favorite shots:

(all images from Tommy Ton for

Stars and Stripes Forever

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Now, apparently in most parts of the country the Fourth of July is celebrated with barbecues and bonfires and the occasional firework display, but where I live, the Fourth is just as big as Christmas. It's not that our town is ridiculously patriotic or anything, but it is a small beach town and everyone knows each other and on the Fourth you could literally walk into any backyard bash or pool party and be welcome, there's just this wonderful sense of brotherhood all around. The roads all but shut down for a huge parade down main street and our day begins at eight in the morning and the parties do not stop until the fireworks at ten. It is just the most marvelous thing, and I know for the rest of my life I will always make a homeward pilgrimage for such a spectacular holiday.

But whatever your holiday looks like, it is very important to rep the Red, White, and Blue. Some people fear looking too similar to the Star-Spangled Banner is dorky, but take it from these runway hits; this color combo can be cool too!

 (runway shots from

All Year Long We Wait For Sun

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Zara sweater; Urban Outfitters scarf; Joe's Jeans shorts; custom Toms; Ray-Bans

She's So Lovely

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Of course after two weeks in France I have fallen in love with everything francais and I am most envious of the flawless style those French women possess. Seriously, everywhere I turned in Paris I saw beautiful women in completely effortless, understated, yet brilliant ensembles that made me completely green with envy. Ever since I've been scouring stores and the internet for pieces that will give me that je ne sais quoi French feel, and I've also been looking for a bit of inspiration in the form of French fashion icons. And then, what do you know, my mom hands me her latest InStyle magazine and therein lies a spread about the current queen of French effortlessness and style, Clemence Poesy. She is so gorgeous and natural and her style is just magnificent. Here's her spread (be ready to be envious of her retro-chic outfits and the quaint seaport village backdrop)

(images from InStyle magazine)

Girl (Style) Crush

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I cannot believe it has taken me this long to uncover the amazingness that is Atlantic-Pacific, but I guess better late than never! Sometimes pure personal style blogs bore me, but she has the most entertaining style that combines classics with bold colors and fun! Almost instantly I wish I could be wearing all of the same clothes.

(all images from Atlantic-Pacific)


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So I am bummed because my camera broke on the last day of my French trip and I wanted to share some of the places I visited with you guys! But that will have to wait. But for now I have a dilemma that does not require the use of my camera.

So I've been looking for a pair of ankle-length black lace-up boots (yes I have very specific requirements) for ages now and today on Topshop I found not one but two perfect pairs! But alas, now I cannot decide between the two!

On the right we have a lovely pair of black leather buckle boots. They are edgy and perfect for all seasons and I like the fact that they are flat because I will probably wear them more if they are comfy on my feet.


On the other hand, I like the lace and the wooden heel of the other boots. They give a more summery feel and I like that for California, and they are much more feminine.

Oh, I like them both too much! But which one do you guys prefer?

The New Colorblocking

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Colorblocking has been a prevailing trend throughout the past few seasons, but Bottega Veneta has created a new, artistic take on the trend for their 2012 resort collection. Traditional colorblocking has garments blocked out in different bold tones, but the minds at Bottega Veneta have transformed these shapes to give a fresh perspective.

(images from
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