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I know this is a bit late, and by now you're all busy drooling over the new Chanel couture collection, but I do have a lot to say about the Dior show and hopefully you aren't already bored of it. So here we go.

Okay, so couture is always fabulous, end of story.

But there's even more to this story of Dior. Sometimes couture can be too simple for my tastes, sometimes too theatrical or even unwearable, but I believed that this collection was the perfect balance between over-the-top craziness and actual wearability. I mean, I know couture is really much more about the art and presentation than the practicality of it all, but it is nice to look at outfits that you will actually see celebrities wearing on the red carpet and such. So that was an automatic plus for Dior.

And then there was the whole concept behind the collection, the action of taking such fantastic inspiration from nature and floral aspects, that absolutely wowed me. I've always found nature to be so inspirational and beautiful, just as I'm sure most do, but often when trying to translate a hibiscus into an evening gown sketch, I find that my dress is more of a flower with straps, rather than the idea, the essence of the hibiscus in dress form. It's very difficult to see something so beautiful already and not take it too literally. And yet, John Galliano was able to do such a seemingly difficult task and turn it into something so beautiful to look at, perhaps even better than just a flower, because of course you can actually wear it. He was able to take the essence of all the flora around him and turn it into something even better.

For that, I applaud him. Galliano not only managed to make these outfits look chic and artistic, but he also did that without losing a certain theatrical aspect that makes couture shows so great- but that theatricality did not overshadow the primary function of the clothes. Here are my favorite pieces and details of the show.

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