Hold Me Tight

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Prada continued on with a 60s mod style, but in a much more subdued pallet and some truly funky spins on old classics. The off-beat plaid, the purses clutched tight, those crazy shoes, and the mesmerizing finale dresses; these are all reasons why Miuccia Prada is such a sartorial genius! She's able to pull references from a cool sixties London and whatnot and make the connection clear but also change it so it is a look all her own.

As I said in my previous post I think the sixties are going to be huge this fall, especially the more modern 'Twiggy' style and whatnot. And I could see a lot of people wearing these clothes. They're girly enough for someone like me, but not too girly as to scare away more tough girls, the way the Philosophy show might.

I love the low-slung belts, especially in contrasting colors. I do wonder what the point is behind the models clutching their bags to their chests. From a buyer's standpoint, wouldn't it be difficult to see the actual bags?

Now everyone is most curious about the shoes, of course, and with good reason. Miuccia has created a shoe hybrid between boots and pumps, and the jury is still out one whether or not the shoes will be a hit. I think they are certainly quirky enough to be adored by the more avant-garde crowd, but the average person my not understand such a concept.

Don't those red shoes make you think of Dorothy as some go-go dancer? I don't think I could wear those shoes, but I can't wait to see others try them out!

(images from style.com)

the mod squad

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I can't believe I missed it somehow (probably when I was on my trip last weekend) but today I finally got around to seeing the Philosophy fall show and promptly declared it one of my favorite collections. The pastels for fall, the girly-mod 60s theme, the opulent but subtle details and patterns...I'm sure I would have swooned had I been there during the presentation, I enjoyed it that much.

The clothes immediately conjured up pictures of Twiggy in her awesome shift minis and other glamorous mod girls of the sixties.The Easter egg pallet gave the collection a more innocent touch (which I of course adore) and Alberta Ferretti managed to make this lighter collection still appropriate for fall by pairing each perfect dress with a fabulous matching coat. Perhaps the collection is a little too good-girl for some, but I personally adore it. I would do anything to get my hands one one of those baby blue coats.

(images not mine)


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If only I had waited another day...the Fendi collection was today and of course after already writing my piece on Blair I noticed how many of the clothes screamed old-school Blair, especially with all the colored tights and the headbands, of course.

I always love Fendi. Their clothes are fashion-forward without trying to be too trendy, which I enjoy. Sometimes the overly-campy clothes (see the D&G show) bore me. But Fendi always manages to keep a balance between classic and fresh.

'W' is for Waldorf

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As you all hopefully know, I have a deep obsession with Gossip Girl. As of lately, of course, that obsession has been dwindling. I don't really understand the whole Bass Industries/Thorpe feud and all the business deals (writers, may we remind you that the majority of your viewers are sixteen-year-old girls like myself who have little to no interest in business deals) and the relationships seem out of place, but the one thing that keeps me hooked is the clothing. Blair especially has come into her own lately. Blair's fashion has always been my favorite, but I'm really digging her latest series of looks. She looks sophisticated and powerful without losing a touch of chic.

I'm a little sad that the W thing didn't end up working out, however unrealistic the plot was, because I really enjoyed the development of Blair working at a fashion magazine. It would have been fun to see that storyline progress, but, like all things on Gossip Girl, things rarely last long.

Here are some of my favorite Blair moments as of late:

Also, some looks I would love to see Blair wear this season!

I loved Blair in her colorful shorts and she can always rock Chanel
When the weather gets warmer, Blair would look fabulous in this DVF frock
Blair could definitely work this Lanvin look while administrating a take-down
This Miu Miu dress is sophisticated for new-and-improved Blair, but the cutouts and neon shoes keep it young
Blair can manage to pull off this quirky Z Spoke by Zac Posen and still manage to look awesome
When hoping to impress foundation board members or the Columbia faculty, Blair can turn to this Alice + Olivia look

(all images from tvfanatic.com, style.com, and elle.com)

Fire in Your New Shoes

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Tara Jarmon Sweater
LOFT Shirt
Theory Skirt
J. Crew Scarf (as a belt)

Orange You Glad You Didn't Say Banana?

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Orange has been gaining momentum this spring, but I think it's really going to hit off in the fall. Almost every major runway presentation showcased this bold hue. Here are some looks featuring the color so far.


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Apparently we'll definitely be prepared for a nuclear winter next year, because fur- and lots of it- was everywhere. PETA may not be too thrilled, but at least the models stayed warm. The most popular fur item was of course the fur vest. Here are some of New York's finest fur vests:

A Detacher; Dennis Basso; Halston; Micheal Kors; Rachel Roy; The Row; Tibi; Yigal Azrouel
all images from style.com

right past the fireflies that sleep in my heart

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Did you see the Rodarte show?

Did you also fall in love?

I'm really digging the whole 'pastels for falls' trend showing up, with a few splashes of ultra-bold colors. Also, I really like the longer hemlines and general modesty of Rodarte's collection. Still, they add girly touches that make their clothes look cute and sweet, not frumpy.

So far the Fall collections are really impressing me. I'm looking forward to see what clothes pop up in London, Milan, and Paris. What collections are you loving for Fall?


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he's the perfect image of simplicity, he has aims in life - and knows how to deal with it. he has the idealism in him, and knows how to defend his thoughts, even the most radical one. he's such a thinker. he knows how to discover and develop gifted talents. he's a musician - he sings me beautiful melody. Also, he's a man of letters. he versifies hundreds, no, thousands of poetries and proses. he's a skilled technician, he fixes the troubled engines when we are on a date. In seconds.

he's smart. he has the greatest insight. he never leaves his responsibilities, for the big and smallest ones. he's honest - well, innocent. he's kind-hearted, he's pure like a fallen angel. he has a faith, a belief. and knowledges. he's a gentleman, he knows how to love girl in a million proper ways. and he's my man. the one and only. you are the most perfect rhytm I ever hum, the craziest thing I ever do, and might be the way where God leads me to step onto.

Love is in the Air

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Now I know this collection won't hit the stores until late summer, but it feels like Prabal Gurung had Valentine's Day on his mind. Just look at those red hues!

But my favorite look was this:

it seems like ultra-minis are giving way to more modest dresses, which personally I love

Which Way to the Ocean?

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"Which way to the ocean?" 

It's the most common question I get asked by tourists in the summer. Which is funny, because it's like, DUDE! The ocean is right there. Like you can see it from my house. Just keep on walking.

The reason for that seemingly unrelated story is that the March issues are coming out and apparently tourism is the trendy thing right now. Which makes sense. Many of the spring collections featured pieces that looked like they belonged at a tropical hotel or on a cross-country road trip. All those neon and sunny hues, and especially those Prada banana shirts belong at a Hawaiian resort.

That New York State of Mind

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Can you believe it? It's still a bit too early to start wearing those spring purchases, and yet we're already plunging into Fall Fashion Week/Month. Already I've seen some great stuff from the earlier New York shows. Here are some of my favorites:

From left to right: Gary Graham; Jason Wu; Luca Luca; Rag & Bone; Wes Gordon

Periwinkle the Platypus!

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Seriously. They should have made Perry the Platypus periwinkle, not blue. That just doesn't make sense.

Anyways, as usual, pastels found their way onto the spring runways, but the dominant hue of the pastel range was certainly periwinkle.

Marc Jacobs Resort 2011; Versace Resort 2011; Chanel Spring Couture 2011

Are you planning to get your periwinkle on this spring? And how are you guys liking the fall collections so far?

I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

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Another beautiful warm day in sunny San Diego! Because I had an interview for a leadership camp thing after school, I got a little spiffed up and channeled a sort of fifties goody two-shoes (aka Sandy before the drag race).

Dress- J. Crew
Sweater- Anthropologie
Sandals- Coach
Pearls*- from my grandmother
Pin- American Eagle

*Back-story! I've always wanted to have "my grandmother's pearls" so I could legitimately feel like the preppy daughter of an old money family, but alas, my ancestors were no Vanderbilts. So imagine my surprise when my dad mentioned he had this old strand of pearls from my grandmother! And voila! I finally feel like a true prepster!

She's Got It Down

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A week or two ago I wrote about how cool Hailee Steinfeld looked at the SAG Awards.

Since then she's found a much-deserved spot on my small list of celebrity style icons.

For someone who's only fourteen, I'm quite impressed. She's managed to chose fun, fresh, and age-appropriate looks for all of her red carpet events. She's a perfect example of how you can look great and unique without looking like a hooker-in-training, a lesson some of my classmates should take note of.


Hailee's future surely looks promising, with an Oscar nomination already, and I hope to see more from her in the future. She's absolutely gorgeous and a great role model on how young girls should dress- plus, anyone who can turn the Spring 2011 Miu Miu dresses into something I actually enjoy deserves to be recognized.

(all images from Zimbio.com)
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