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(video not mine, I'm just sharing it)

Did you watch it yet? What did you think?

My main issue with Lady Gaga lately is that she seems to have stopped being a fashion icon and has now tried to become some walking public service announcement. I realize that she wants to take advantage of her position as an international celebrity in order to spread important messages and all, but I liked it when she was more just about being kooky and fun, rather than trying to make some social/political statement (If you didn't know, the reason why she's been wearing all these nude latex ensembles recently is because she's spreading AIDS awareness and the importance of safe sex - in other words, yes, she's dressing like a condom). I would rather have her say that she supports AIDS research and awareness rather than wear her message. I want her to get back to telephones on her head and bubble dresses.

Of course, the video did feature unicorns, and from an artistic perspective it was interesting, if not a bit graphic, so it wasn't all bad, but still, I'm tired of Important Message Gaga. I want our fun girl back!

P.S. Did anyone else realize how skinny she looks in this video. Maybe those weird horned shoulders just make her look that way, but it is somewhat concerning. 
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