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Flow of rushing river could be controlled, but nor does the blood flowing through my veins, running all the way to my purely beating heart. All the words I would have said are all locked inside my red, pouty lips. Can you feel me? I am the shadow that preys by your side, the every thing that hides as you walk on, and something that's missing as you look back in those lonely nights. 
I am the whispers that you hear when no one near, I am the wind breeze that embraces you when the coldest full moon contemns you. I am always there, for you, until the breaking dawn swallows the horrendous darkness. You are the every inch of eternity, the perfect reflection of Gabriel, the best thing in me.
Gotta admit that I didn't even realize that I was suffering from stress last week. We got math, physics, and biology test in a row! I was effing shock when my hair started to fall and Mom even said I looked like a stick alien! This week we're having mid test for second semester but I'm feeling all better at least. Anyway, I'm typing this post with fresh orange juice and medium size of Cheese Gallore pizza next to me! I don't care how many tons of fats it contains, it tastes heavenly delicious! What flavor of pizza do you guys can't resist? =)
PS If you are wondering, yes I can finish it off by myself! Now you know I have such big tummy =D
PSS Please Pray for JAPAN!
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