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Prada continued on with a 60s mod style, but in a much more subdued pallet and some truly funky spins on old classics. The off-beat plaid, the purses clutched tight, those crazy shoes, and the mesmerizing finale dresses; these are all reasons why Miuccia Prada is such a sartorial genius! She's able to pull references from a cool sixties London and whatnot and make the connection clear but also change it so it is a look all her own.

As I said in my previous post I think the sixties are going to be huge this fall, especially the more modern 'Twiggy' style and whatnot. And I could see a lot of people wearing these clothes. They're girly enough for someone like me, but not too girly as to scare away more tough girls, the way the Philosophy show might.

I love the low-slung belts, especially in contrasting colors. I do wonder what the point is behind the models clutching their bags to their chests. From a buyer's standpoint, wouldn't it be difficult to see the actual bags?

Now everyone is most curious about the shoes, of course, and with good reason. Miuccia has created a shoe hybrid between boots and pumps, and the jury is still out one whether or not the shoes will be a hit. I think they are certainly quirky enough to be adored by the more avant-garde crowd, but the average person my not understand such a concept.

Don't those red shoes make you think of Dorothy as some go-go dancer? I don't think I could wear those shoes, but I can't wait to see others try them out!

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