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By now even my friends have heard all about the Galliano scandal, and of course, being right before Paris Fashion Week, the timing couldn't have been worse. I know I was nervous as to see how the show would shape out, if there would even be a show, if Galliano would be there, etc. And now that all is said and done, it almost makes me sad that I found this collection to be one of my favorite Dior shows in years.

As per usual, the collection showcased plenty of drama, but definitely a more feminine side of it. And oh, all those stunning details really make the difference. Thoughts on Galliano aside, you cannot deny that he is a fantastic designer, and it really is sad to hear that his personal stuff has gotten in the way. I think Jessica Stam (via twitter) said it best:

"I believe every human being on this earth was created equal. I also don't turn my back on my friends when they're in a dark place"

What he said is awful and hurtful and just sad, but he is also talented. Still, that doesn't excuse any of it.

But I digress. The real story is the clothes, and we shouldn't let all this scandal change our views of the show.

full skirts, both bold colors and pastel hues, a perfect balance of strong and feminine.
The shoes were fabulous, both the boots and sandals.
My favorite, of course, is the cream and blue cupcake-like dress. I plan on getting a vintage 50s dress for prom, but oh! this would make a fine backup choice!

And for the finale, I thought it marvelously fitting for Dior to have all the seamstresses and craftsmen walk out. In the end, they are the ones who made these fantastic clothes, and they deserve to be recognized.

What did you guys think about the Dior show? What do you think the future of Galliano and Dior will be?
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