Would You Dare to Wear: Corsets to School?

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So one of my favorite movies this year was Easy A probably because is was basically one big homage to John Hughes, who is without a doubt the greatest director ever, and also because it shows teenager-dome for what it really is. The movie made Emma Stone one of my idols, too, because she is so darn funny and witty! Another reason why I love the movie: Penn Badgeley!!!

But if you haven't seen the movie, Emma Stone plays Olive, a Molly Ringwald-esque character who feels totally invisible to her peers until she promises her guy friend to help him prove that he's not gay (or at least stop the other guys at school from teasing him about it) and the only possible way to do that, of course, is to fake a tryst at some crazy house party.

Then of course the whole school knows about Olive and her scandalous Saturday night, and she instantly becomes the school tramp. Surprise! And like any high school movie, the book she's reading in English class, The Scarlet Letter, seems eerily similar to her real life traumas. She then decides 'If the school thinks I'm a slut, I shall be that slut' and buys a bunch of corsets and sews red 'A's to all of her clothes, just like Hester Prynne! Weird.

So anyways, I gave you that seemingly pointless summary to get to this point: Olive wears some pretty skanky stuff in her efforts to emulate her rep. Now, at my school, such clothing is banned, so even if I wanted to dress like Olive I couldn't, at least not on school property. But my question is, would you dare to wear the getups Olive dons just to show off your new reputation?

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