Harujuku Girls

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Ah, Paris Fashion Week, the grand finale of the shows. The big league of the fashion realm, PFW is not for lightweights. Paris houses both top designers and very cool, elaborate and experimental designers. Some names may be known to even my brother, and others only a very select elite have ever heard of. But oh, how I adore Paris Fashion Week. Most of my favorite collections definitely come out of the City of Light.

Manish Arora had his show today and I always look forward to his collections. Always so crazy and whimsical. And the fact that Nicki Minaj wears a lot of his stuff makes it even cooler. But as you know, I'm always a fan of the zany, so his fall collection certainly did not disappoint.

Some have already pointed out the Asian influences apparent in his fall collection, and the references are clear. At first it was very regal, very empirical, and then the Japanese harajuku street style girl/anime character seemed to take over(or maybe that was just because of those insanely colorful hair poofs).

 Empresses from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China

Sailor Moon girls; Japanese street style

 What did you think about the Manish Arora show?
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