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"My love,"she started to whisper, as if the unborn fetus could hear,"You were in the dolls of my childhood's games; and as with clay I made the image of my guardian angels every morning, I made the unmade you then. And now, we will soon be connected in our bittersweet fate. You and I, together. I will embrace you with my warmest hug, and teach you how to keep your chin up while others try to bring you down. You will be the most beautiful creature my eyes ever seen, for the fact you'd be born from a fragile soul like me."

and now it has been almost 16 years passed when you only knew the language of crying and giggling. your soft skin still remains the same even it's not as pure as the angels might have. It was minutes before New Year, you made the most beautiful moment in my entire day, you stood and smiled, gave me the flowers you hid behind your back as you stepped towards me awkwardly. I couldn't resist my tears to flow across my wrinkled cheeks. There she was, my little girl has grown up more than I ever expected. She was, and still is: my every granted wishes of the existing Greek mythological gods and goddesses.

PS the flowers-yes they're fake-was made by myself for my mom's 44th birthday gift I told before. 
It was sure the simplest gift I ever gave her, and little things have way bigger meanings for others - in the case of sincerity and love.
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