The Big Time (Part One)

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Sometimes couture can be disappointing -the expectations are set so high and sometimes designers cannot compare to the things they did last season. This spring, however, I feel that most designers surpassed my expectations. Let's look at some of the highlights:

Armani Prive

When I saw the Armani collection I felt like I had walked onto some strange, ultra-fashionable, ultra-mod alien planet from the future. The neon colors and the fabrics used made everything look so sleek and futuristic, and I especially adored the final dress with the silver and red looked like a walking disco ball, but in a cool way, not a cheesy middle school dance way. I really can't wait to see who is daring enough to try out some of these ensembles in the coming months. Some of the dresses with that awkward skinny waist/big hips combo might not translate well to real life, but some of the other outfits might be really cool on a fashionable person.


Chanel stayed true to its roots this season and stuck with feminine boxy skirt suits, pastels, and plenty of little details that make the clothes so much more special. And, of course, I loved every moment of it. The first half of the collection was a little unconventional, as the outfits seemed a little too generic and just kind of boring, but once you got toward the end all the big skirts and sequins start to give that twinkle in your eye (or at least my eye). If I could wear one collection for my entire life, this may just be it.

Christian Dior

Now that I know how much fabric and time it takes to make an ultra-full skirt, I have a new-found appreciation for Dior and all the gigantic skirts they do. I just love the vintage 50s look combined with these fantastical, dreamlike qualities. John Galliano knows how to combine both feminine, form-fitting outfits with ridiculous over-the-top accents that, when combined, make a magical series of outfits. Modern-day Disney princesses would totally go for these dresses.

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