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I stand still, enchanted and free. And you, babe. You are the song of my soul. Won’t you sing it for me? Come, and shine on the sapphire jewel of my body. In your passionate rapture, I will be in. Soon.I am your warm velvet emerald sea. The shimmering cosmic is my love for you. Glimpse of heaven, you may say. Dazzling, too good to be seen.In my dreams, butterflies and stardust are dancing with you. Do the waltz inside my fragile hearts. 
Show me your spark, my buried sunshine. You are the spirit infused with this love. In the kaleidoscope of your dreams, I sail through, across the dead sea to reach you. You are the moonkissed angel, with eyes of azure blue.Tranquil, cold, yet calming. Your aura, was illuminated by the splendor blue fire within you. Fireflies are aglowing while dancing deep inside your soul. Sparkling tendrils of your crystal, white hair, whispering stories like the spinning gold. Everything about you, is the sweetest story a mother of Aphrodite could ever tell.
 mom's dress; unknown (read: forgotten) chained waist belt; faux snake skin bag from HK; Studio Nine heels

Forgot to erase the B&W effect on the belt while editing the last pic. The colour of the chains should be gold. Ah, I'm absolutely a careless girl! Anyway, I have recently been loving this dress! Thanks mom we have such petite figures! Do you girls wear your mom's clothes too? =D

Oh, last but not least...Happy 2011! Time flies so fast, doesn't it? I can't believe 365 days has passed, just like so 0____0 
PSS What's your 2011 resolutions, gorgeus? ^^ All the best for our new beginnings! xx
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