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It was a half moon hanging on the somber sky.The hunchback-cloud came close, surrendered to the rules of the wolves.My mind was blowing away with the glasses of Pinot Noir,when I barely caught the deep enticing glances in the ballroom corner .

Scary yet inviting, as he made his way closer.He kneeled down for me like the Prince of nowhere does.All else faded to silence, the music slowed down to silently speak.He asked me for the last dance in that deep haunting night.We took the steps onto the dance floor from peculiar lonely corners.Then suddenly, the world was frozen still. Icicles would drip from frozen glances of the chill.

We played for love like an April fool.For only one night on the road of Damascus.You led me up the mysterious black rose garden path, flew me away into my fool’s paradise of a dystopian dream. It was a strange, bloody night. We died by the pleasure of the anti-utopian romance, and I don't know if we could meet again. Wether by the side of Yahweh, or even Lucifer.

I have a lot of this series of photos which came from the photo shoots I did and I ended up with never liking the result, for the bad lighting or my unworthed poses. Sorry for no whole outfit post for weeks, it's never easy to organize time when there are two things becoming priorities in the same time, thought..
PSS Thanks for 200++ followers! I love you <3
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