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he's the perfect image of simplicity, he has aims in life - and knows how to deal with it. he has the idealism in him, and knows how to defend his thoughts, even the most radical one. he's such a thinker. he knows how to discover and develop gifted talents. he's a musician - he sings me beautiful melody. Also, he's a man of letters. he versifies hundreds, no, thousands of poetries and proses. he's a skilled technician, he fixes the troubled engines when we are on a date. In seconds.

he's smart. he has the greatest insight. he never leaves his responsibilities, for the big and smallest ones. he's honest - well, innocent. he's kind-hearted, he's pure like a fallen angel. he has a faith, a belief. and knowledges. he's a gentleman, he knows how to love girl in a million proper ways. and he's my man. the one and only. you are the most perfect rhytm I ever hum, the craziest thing I ever do, and might be the way where God leads me to step onto.

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