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I once knew a complete stranger who was (I hope he was) known as a party freak. We were both alone at the coffee shop that cloudy Saturday. He was semiconscious, and sipping his early wine. I ever wondered what people use to do in club, so I straightly asked him. 

"Everything useless, you might say." I got a little surprised. 
"The space you have to dance is only where you stand on, the drinks can cost 4 cups of coffee per glass, you make friends with strangers , and finally, the staggered people will throw up on your favorite shoes," he continued,"however I keep going in because it's where I get happiness, at least for several hours."
"And your parents aren't mad?" I directly asked. He nodded.
"Uh-huh. Like they care. Haha. Because I have no home to come back to. Well for me, family is nothing but one of million words in dictionary." I still remember his face that moment. His flat expression, his soulless responses. The hazy lights filtering through the sheer curtains beside us. Trapped in silence, deep inside I whispered to thank God for my family. 
I never see him again, but may he take his time to read what family means on dictionary and realize it.

I deserve rotten tomatoes to eat if you were going to throw me some. lol I meant I apologize for a sudden hiatus in almost 2 months, Godness. I'm suffering from flu, laryngitis, and fever in a row. And even lost 2,5 kgs..oh my. Anyway! Big thanks for the over 100++ comments and followers who keep on increasing when I was away! How can't I love you guys? ;)

Well, I'm still alive finally xD and here I show you my current favorite purchases : Studded black blazer, lace tops (grabbed it in 4 colors lol) and perfect match for my new blazer; a pair of studded black pumps! They always be my top three timeless picks, what are yours? ;)
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