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Mon cher, you were in my dream last night. You smiled at me the way that you used to, the way you gave it only for little me. It was almost like you still wanted me - wanted us. But then I woke up alone and you weren’t there in my arms as I used to embrace you from behind along the cold night.
Ah,you were gone. I can’t wait for the day when I wake up and I don’t remember what it’s like to wake up next to you.When I’m glad that I have bigger space without having to share it with pains and wounds. Most days are probably… fine; I wake up and I’m ok - grateful, I guess. But then on the other hands, there are the days like today- when I forget that we had decided together that this was the end and I forget that it should be better for the each of us.
Those are the days where I just want you to play video games with me again. Or throw jokes about each other. Or just put your hands around me. Those are the days where I forget that, before I met you, I used to be strong enough to get through the day without a lover.

I've been MIA like forever lol, it's holiday and I supposed to blog like more often. But unfortunately, I was suffering from sick (Read: blood vomiting *iuh*) and I don't have any idea abt it =( But hey, still I have to thank God for recovering me little by little now! ^___^

So these last 2 weeks I mostly go out with bf and he's just sweet. I love the fact that he can act like my bestfriend in the same time as a caring man <3 And since I got 1st rank this semester, mom let me shop more which I'd post soon =) (yayness!) Feel free to comment my current drawings and I've been missing you loves!! Xo<3

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