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1) Balenciaga- I absolutely love the colors and patterns all mixed together. Such a perfectly simple cut to balance out the detailed patterns. And that skinny plain yellow belt just ties it all together.

2) Chris Benz- I adore the colors of this. That blue is just the perfect vacation, resort color, and the simplicity of the T-shirt with the high-waisted shorts is fabulous. That necklace just adds the perfect touch.

3) Givenchy- I love the cut of this dress, all the layers, that little vest. It looks quite fabulous. Those shoes just give it some contrast, and I like it.

4) Jenni Kayne- I usually stand by my theory that blonds look like cupcakes in yellow, but this girl knows how to make it work! Love the simple and sleek cut, and I will even say that I like the color. And those shades! Pure genius.

5) Lanvin- Lanvin is a regular favorite for me, and their resort collection is always so fun, and of course, this year was no different. The whole show is just so much fun, and I love the whimsicality of it. Another job well done for Alber Elbaz.

6) Louis Vuitton- Louis Vuitton was another favorite, this look especially because it masters the art of using stripes in a flattering way, florals, and looks like the epitome of tea party chic.

7) Proenza Schouler- Now, I don't know how it is elsewhere, but in Southern California, these pancho/sweatshirt things are everywhere. It's the Miu Miu print dress of the surfer world. And now, even the runway has succumbed to this trend!? Well, I must admit, Proenza Schouler managed to make this look absolutely marvelous. I may even go buy a pancho/sweatshirt myself.

8) Stella McCartney- The shoulder piece looks like one of those pieces of coral, you know, the really thin ones with lots of little veins. Whatever it's called, I love how it looks. The lace flowers are gorgeous. Someone once told me that Stella is only a famous designer because of her daddy, but look at this dress! Not just anyone can come up with such a masterpiece!

9) Tory Burch- I want that top. So bad. This whole South American Aztec traveler look is fantastic. I love it. Not much else to say.

10) Celine- I think the cut of this dress is so chic and mod. It reminds me of a 60s go-go dress or something, whatever it is, I adore it. And those gold cuffs and necklace just make it that much more appealing.

11) Emilio Pucci- Pucci is, of course, the master of prints. Sometimes it can come off as cheesy, but certainly not this dress. The colors are so pretty, and I love all the layers. I could totally see someone like Blake Lively wearing this for a red carpet event.
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