The Creatures That Sparkle in the Sunlight

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Can somebody please find another human-magic hybrid thingy to obsess over? Because I'm really sick of vampires and werewolves. It's not just the whole Twilight phenomenon that's got me all irritated, it's just this whole vampire thing that has practically turned into its own subculture, and I really don't understand any of it.

It's actually that weird show True Blood that triggered the whole "argh!" feeling today. Reviews and stuff say that it's really good, but I just don't get it! They live in some alternate reality where vampires are the norm and everyone has southern accents and girls with big gaps in their teeth are considered cute? I know people like it, but I cannot fathom why.

And then there's a whole slew of new TV shows airing this fall that have their own "unique" spin on the vampire story, when really there's always going to be some hot and brooding boy who has a "dark secret" and some beautiful girl who's a "loner" and "rejected by society" but they fall for this brooding boy and suddenly she's transported into the world of immortal creatures and decides she wants to become one I right?

I could also go on forever about the Twilight books, movies, and most of all, the disgusting, ungrateful little cast of so-called "actors," but I think you get my point.

So why not shine a light on a new breed of human-slash-supernatural being that hasn't been way overdone yet. Like vampires, they also sparkle in the sunlight, have incredible good looks, and lure countless of helpless victims to their death...but in my opinion they are way cooler and have a much better sense of fashion. I mean, clam bras are so genius (albeit a bit uncomfortable).

You guessed it! Mermaids are ten times cooler than vampires will ever be, and personally, the color of the ocean and their overall look is just much more beautiful than those boringly "mysterious" bloodsuckers.

mermaid tresses

hues of the reef

sparkling scales

tangled in the kelp forest

ruler of the sea

Emerging from the waves

(images not mine)
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