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I am tossing pennies into the rain, listening to your breath when you fall asleep next to me. Like you always do. It's only the rythm of raindrops and your cute snore that I'm able to hear. Smallest things which unexpectedly comforting me. I remember it was also raining when you laughed at me after I told you that I didn't like pennies, because they might be such worthless.
Then you said I was too ridiculous, someone who someone could love, like those pennies. The sunrays peeking through my iris, slowly erasing up the dull taupe sky. And I knew if there were anyone capable of loving me that way, it would always be you. Because it may be true that I'm the pennies in the lint of your pocket-- a little worthless, but you'll never throw them out. Glad that I didn't get lost in the ditches before you took me into your life.
I just finished the first day of my final examination! *sigh* See you on the next 2 weeks (oh why I've been MIA this much) And for anyone who is also fighting for exam, all the best for you guys ^____^

PS Thank you for the kind wishes for my daddy and this blog!
PSS Just fyi that my friend offered me to be the model for his next photo hunting, GOSH I'm so nervous! *looking down to my huge tummy+thighs+calves trio* And I've been thinking for the theme/concept. Do you have any advices or ideas? Please share if you do, I'll appreciate it so much ^____^
Stay fabulous, bloggers!
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