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^See PROM (the movie) it will be the best decision of your life

So now that my pesky AP chemistry exam is out of the way I am free to focus on the important things in life- like PROM! So our school had its prom this past Saturday and it was so much fun! It did not live up to the expectations Disney had left me with the night before, but regardless it was a good time and so fun to see everyone get dressed up and excited over it. For one night everyone was dressed to the nines, which was a refreshing change from the sweatpants and T-shirts most people at my school usually wear.

A few weeks a go I showed you guys my prom dress but since then I altered it and here's the final result!

I hemmed the dress -taking off ten inches in total!- and adjusted the bodice so it was fitted perfectly to me (an issue I always have with strapless dresses). The result- a cool and modern spin on my fifties prom dress and a dress that was not a hassle to deal with all night.

So of course I went all out getting ready for prom. Well, actually, not as all out as some would think. I got my nails done but my mom helped me with my hair and makeup, not a professional, whereas some girls were getting super elaborate hairdos and fancy makeup. I don't know, prom is a big deal but it isn't that big of a deal, I feel like. Maybe for my senior prom I'll get my hair done, but we shall see.

Anyways, I just curled my hair and gave it some volume. And I wore my new Ray-Bans because they are so sweet.

Then there was the makeup. I'm not usually a big makeup girl but I decided to put some on and spice up my look a bit. I tried to make my eyelashes as visible as possible with a ton of mascara (my eyelashes are basically translucent) and I got this cool eyeshadow pallet (on the left) from the drugstore and so I but purple and orange eyeshadow on and it actually looked cool. Sometimes I feel like me with makeup looks like I'm just trying way too hard, but this time it actually worked out.

And now, for the big event, the grand finale, here's me after all the hair and makeup and general stressing over what to do about that pesky prom...

 I'm so happy with how everything turned out. I was nervous about the dress at first because you never know how vintage stuff will work out, but this time the risk was definitely worth it. And the best part is, no one had the same dress as me!

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