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My grandmother recently gave me the book Parisian Chic: a Style Guide by Ines de la Fresssange in preparation for my return to France, and already it has become one of my favorite nonfiction books. From the staples of sleek Parisian chic to rules you should never break to how to properly throw a dinner party, the book has it all down. And of course, it got me in the "Oh my god I need the staples of Parisian chic!" mood. Then I started dreaming about the clothes I would like to obtain this summer in general. I've been on the prowl for several items for the past few months now, but hopefully this summer I will get those major items I've been dreaming of (perhaps at some of the stores Madame de la Fressange talks about?).

THE Parisian Staple

Perhaps the most-known Parisian style staple (other than the beret, but no one actually wears those) is the striped sweater. After all, the best time to wear one is all the time* and they are rather versatile. I mean, THE French fashion icon herself, the great and powerful Coco Chanel, was the one who made them popular, and ever since women everywhere -including me- have been searching for the perfect striped shirts.

Coco Chanel in a striped sweater
Some of my favorite sweaters out there, all in rather patriotic colors. I love them all!

It's Been a Long Time

I've never been one for ultra-mini skirts and the whole bare-as-much-of-your-body-without-being-illegal thing. I don't mind showing off some skin, but there comes a point where it's a bit too much. So I was absolutely ecstatic to notice a shift from baring it all to leaving more to the imagination, and nothing epitomizes this "less [skin] is more" trend like the maxi skirt.

I especially am digging the neutral and pastel colors for maxis right now a la Chloe. Like a pretty ballerina!

Walking Shoes

Boots are a must for me -comfortable on my stupid feet and very versatile- but during the summertime it gets tricky. The short boot, then, is the perfect solution! Perfect for traipsing around Europe or hitting the festival, a calf-length boot with a tiny heel is perfect for the summertime -and beyond!
I especially adore the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony boots, but unfortunately they are a bit beyond my price range. Oh, well, a girl can dream!

What are your summer must-haves?

*I love you forever if you understand this reference/don't judge me for it :)
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