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brother's jacket, Gaudi inner top, Mango top, Gaudi shorts, unbranded socks, heels from HK, gifted necklace

if you noticed, this top is same with the one I wore on a post titled TIMELESS This may be one of my favorite top, because the fabric is so loose and when I just get bored with it, I could experimenting by pinning it on everywhere I like to get the unique (fake) texture like this draped-like top. Anyway, I stole the jacket from my brother's closet. Hope he would never read this post! :p

This is a makeup pouch I own after my mom purchased some skincare from ROC (we have the same pouch now!^^) I like the color that won't look dirty easily and made with faux leather. For more sweet touch, I stitched the bow onto it, thanks God it matched nicely!

Tomorrow I will be facing math test, then on Friday I have 3 tests (computer, physics, english) which make me want to burn those books right away. Hahaha I'm just kidding. I know I should study now. But I've been missing you.. Thanks for all the supports! Each of your comment means a lot for me =)
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