The Grand Finale of Fashion Month

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Fashion Week (or month, rather) is finally over, and so here are my thoughts on many of the Paris shows (and some from Milan too)

 D&G Goes Gardening

I absolutely adore this chic gardener look. For some obscure reason I've always wanted to own rain/gardening boots (perhaps because I have no need for rain boots since it doesn't rain here, and you always want what you can't have) and I love how D&G manages to make them look ultra-fab. Also, gingham and florals and plenty of ruffles = perfection.

Andrew Gn Takes a Time Machine

I'm really digging the folksy, peasant look of many of the spring shows, but with these beautiful laces and silks, so naturally I really liked Andrew Gn's latest collection. All the layers, the paisley and calico prints, and those awesome bell sleeves. Sigh.

Talbot Runhof Knows How to Party

I hadn't heard of Talbot Runhof before this, but I am sorry that I haven't! These dresses are perfect for all sorts of parties and events, and the skirts are gathered enough to get the Fashion Barbie seal of approval.

Rochas Brings Vintage Back

I fell in love with Rochas this past year when their fall collection brought back everything I love about sixties fashion, and again I applaud the brand for managing to make old-school looks look absolutely fresh. The silk prints remind me of old Hermes scarves and I am the biggest fan of the socks/open-toe-shoe combo. Bravo, Rochas, bravo!

Giambattista Valli- Minimalism for Maximalists

Let's face it- I'm the exact opposite of minimalist. I just love color and accessories and poof too much to convert. But thanks to Giambattista Valli, whose clothes are all kind of minimalist for maximalists, I can actually see myself kind of growing to like this trend. It's not as drastic as Celine, but nothing as flamboyant as, say, Jean Paul Gaultier. Minimalism in moderation- I think I can handle that.

Long Live McQueen

It's safe to say that we can all stop holding our breaths. I was extremely nervous to see how Sarah Burton would do for her first legit collection for Alexander McQueen, but her work absolutely surpassed expectations. The clothes still have the same awe-inspiring quality that Lee's collections had, but it's like the brand has entered into a new era- which, though though sad circumstances, I'm really excited for.

Wunderkind is Wunder-ful

Perhaps my favorite spring collection. In a season full of neutrals and minimalist statements, Wunderkind is the collection that reminds me most of the clothing I love. In fact, many of these pieces reminded me of some of my clothing sketches back a few years ago when Panic at the Disco's "Pretty. Odd." governed everything I did. Wunderkind, you truly are wunderful. 
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