Dreams for the new year (2)

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more ideas for back-to-school shopping!

(from left: calderbrook blouse; In-the-lines cardigan; swan song skirt; mullany dress; dog trot cardigan. all from Anthropologie)

As always, I'll be making the rounds at Anthropologie, perhaps my favorite store around. Here are some pieces that I would really love to add to my wardrobe. The tank top especially I think could work for just about everything. With jeans, shorts, tucked into a high-waisted skirt, or with black leggings and my chunky Juicy Couture wedges. Both sweaters are super cute, and I just really like the color of the swan skirt. I don't think I have much purple in my closet.

(Miu Miu Fall 2010 campaign)

Like the majority of the fashion world, I am head-over-heels in love with Miu Miu's fall collection. It is just such a great example of how to create interesting shapes and details with fabric. As a collection, it shines, but each individual piece stands out as a masterpiece too. I mean, honestly, can you find one bad look from that show? 

(from left: Jenny rocking the kilt on Gossip Girl: Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) spicing up her uniform in Wild Child; the ever-chic Clueless crowd)
In elementary school I had to wear a uniform, so it's weird to think that I would ever want to be back in plaid and Peter Pan collars. But now that I'm in the world of whatever-I-want-to-wear, I wouldn't mind the prep school look every once in a while. 

I have no idea what I'll end up buying when I finally do go shopping, but I will certainly keep these inspirations in mind.
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