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So I went shopping yesterday. Wasn't as successful as I had wanted it to be, but I did get a few good things, and also saw some things that I might have to ponder over for a while.

One of these things is bags. I really want a new bag for school -let's face it, the Jansport backpack is just kind of cramping my style- but I feel like all these bags are too small because my teachers are all like 'we want you to have a different binder and notebook for each class and we will give you all Fs if you don't do as we say!!!!' and it's really annoying because it's like, We're upperclassmen now, why can't you trust us to organize by ourselves!!!!

And so, the hunt for the perfect bag begins.

I did manage to find two bags that I actually really like, but there are drawbacks to both of them.

Contestant Number One- Fossil 'Vintage Reissue Lock' Leather Crossbody Satchel

 the pros- nice shape, love the details and the colors (also in darker brown and black, all of which I like) and it comes with both a shoulder strap and a handle
the cons- It may be too small, which could be a problem

Contestant Number Two- J. Crew leather top-handle tote

the pros- classic shape, very simple but also super chic, definitely big enough, also love the color
the cons- I like the messenger look for a school bag because I like that cross-shoulder strap. I guess this is long enough though to be carried on the shoulder

Right now I'm leaning more toward the J. Crew guy, but I really just don't know!!!
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