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His eyes were unlike anything I had ever seen before. They were greener than the most secluded meadow after a spring shower, and yet housed the fury of a sea after a storm. Their depths told many stories and wisdom beyond my understanding, speaking of things that I should never know. Those beautiful, terrible eyes followed me as I sat at a coffee shop, watching my every move. A slight blush crept into my face at the intensity of his gaze, and he walked, nearer towards me.
Today, I’m watching you, tears in eyes, on that fateful day in nearly end of December. I know it has to be over from the first day we laugh together, we all do. Pain streaming down my face, head in arms, I sit and think about you. It's must be the time to grow, change and go on our separated ways.
Apparently everyone wanted you. Half of the others would've killed me to have you. But you were mine, clear for everyone to see, for the reasons to the jealousy of everyone else. Then you told me that I would have no reason for loving you. That you would paint the pains in my deepest breath, that you might have still longing for her, the one you miss. That you were the most unbreakable icebergs ever alived. But, in essence, that's the beauty of you. You had such a magical sound in you. Meanwhile, you told me the most stupid thing about you. For love, for her. Still. I heard the jeering; I cringed as you hurled abuse at yourself.
knitted dress from HK; Old Navy fur belt; unbranded stockings; unknown brand new boots from HK I suppose to cry? But why I’m not? Ah, I know I’m deeply adoring you. Let me be the one to know the gracious side in you.

PS Greetings for everyone: Merry belated Christmas! How was your Christmas? Hope you had found gorgeus stuffs for the upcoming New Year! I'm going to spend my NY eve by celebrating my mom's birthday which happens on Dec, 31st =D how about you? ^^
PSS And yes thanks mom for my new bangs! LOL this is the 1st time she did it right fyi xP *hope she didnt read this. Amen*
And yes. The Jack Daniels is just a property. I never taste it in my entire life. LOL xD 
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