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Isn't it interesting that no matter how far is our distance, no matter how little we actually know someone, it doesn't change what we feel for that person, or how intensely we feel it. Seems terrifying, and at the same time, exhilarating.

Baby, let's take one step backward. Because we, won't be here again together for so long. I can't imagine spending a cold night in silence and wait, for something I don't even know. This is not fair, and will never be.
I have been MIA for 4 months. Eeeeek! School drove me crazy, and I'm not kidding. Have you ever felt like; you did your best, but the result came far from what you have expected before? I do, and there was a time when I hate myself for something I don't deserve. I didn't want to try because I'm sick of falling again. And again. That sucks, yes. Until I realized the existence of earthly suffering; no one could stand upon a wheel for too long. But anyway, at the end, it always comes round to the same place again. 

Thank you for all the readers and subscribers, I do mean this. Thanks for keep supporting instead of leaving, I know it's weird but somehow, you guys who take a minute of your precious time to stop by always make my day! And oh-I bought this shirt for christmas (I love the ruffles details) but-ehm-I got the wrong size soooo ya let's make it just work xD Anyhoo, what's ur plan for Christmas? I sincerely wish you all the most precious moments for sure <3 xx
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