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So I am bummed because my camera broke on the last day of my French trip and I wanted to share some of the places I visited with you guys! But that will have to wait. But for now I have a dilemma that does not require the use of my camera.

So I've been looking for a pair of ankle-length black lace-up boots (yes I have very specific requirements) for ages now and today on Topshop I found not one but two perfect pairs! But alas, now I cannot decide between the two!

On the right we have a lovely pair of black leather buckle boots. They are edgy and perfect for all seasons and I like the fact that they are flat because I will probably wear them more if they are comfy on my feet.


On the other hand, I like the lace and the wooden heel of the other boots. They give a more summery feel and I like that for California, and they are much more feminine.

Oh, I like them both too much! But which one do you guys prefer?
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