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Remember two years ago when Christopher Kane absolutely wowed (at least in my opinion) with those fantastic, 3D cutout circles, ie:

To quote Rachel Zoe (I'm watching her show right now) "I literally die." Honestly, when I saw on of these skirts at Barney's, my mom and I freaked. I loved the idea and how the circles created this fantastic shape and volume. Sometimes these ideas are better on paper than they are in real life, but I was absolutely fascinated by how freaking awesome these dresses turned out.

But of course that was two years ago and my obsession with the Christopher Kane collection subsided...

Until, of course, my boss brought in this amazing fabric. First, the color was this deep winter teal that I knew would make my eyes the exact same color, so I was already pumped. But then it isn't just straight raw silk, no, there are little cutout circles sewed on in lines. Immediately I wanted the fullest skirt possible, possibly with a petticoat too, with all the circles just exploding out. And guess what! That's exactly what they want to do with the fabric, too!

And then I see these dresses from Rare at Topshop:

Honestly, I love these. So so chic.

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