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Argh. Sometimes I really don't understand people.

This is my little bit of rambling I did last night in my sketchbook/journal thing. Just stuff going on with friends and even people I don't care for that just makes me so angry and sad too. So many people right now are throwing their lives away to "live in the moment," and "living in the moment" is fun and all, yeah, but only for that moment, really. But sometimes people have got to think about more than just that moment. I mean, I don't care if it's just some harmless fun, but the people I'm thinking about aren't doing harmless things. They are actually screwing up their lives.

And here's the part where you sigh and say "thank god I'm done with high school"

Oh, how I can't wait 'til I can say that.

Anyway. The real point of this is that I really enjoyed just venting on this little pad of paper and getting to do whatever I want on it. I've always been pretty bad about journaling. I always feel so confined within those little lines, so pressured to write profound things. But sometimes I draw better than I convey messages in my writing, so I like the idea of using a sketchbook to keep both designs and sketches and journal entries. It gives me more freedom.

And this blog is kind of like a journal too, but mostly a fashion-based one, which is really nice because it gives me a place to talk about what I love with other people that really love it too, not just my friends who really couldn't give a crap about how the Proenza Schouler collection is genius and blah blah blah. Sometimes though I like talking about other things, outside of fashion, and it feels good sometimes to actually pick up a Sharpie and just get my frustration out on paper. Besides, the noise a Sharpie makes when you scribble furiously is just so satisfying. It's like those stress tomato things that teachers always have on their desks.

Okay. That's enough ranting for today. ;)
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