Take me away to paradise!

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One could very easily analyze fashion the way one analyzes language. Connotation, diction, and syntax develop themes the same way visual motifs and connotations exude the inspirations of designers. But the question to be asked is why? In the same way that word choice makes a poem what it is, themes and inspiration make a runway presentation. One only has to read the clothes with a magnifying glass to identify what message the designer is trying to get across.

In the case of spring, very literal motifs of paradise reigned supreme. Palm trees, sunset hues, and marine life all contributed to this tropical vacation feel, but why? I know it sometimes seems excessive to analyze every piece of alliteration or personification that comes our way, but this idea really struck me. And a number of things -the rain, mostly, and the summer nostalgia that accompanies it- brought me back to a question I've been asking myself for the past few weeks: why are designers showcasing so many vacation-inspired looks?

And then Pier Paolo of Valentino said it perfectly: "Fashion is a dream, and in this moment we need dreams."

The world is a mess. I mean, ever since Eve bit that stupid apple it has been, but especially now. And more locally, the world of fashion is more unpredictable than ever. McQueen is gone, couture is plumetting, Galliano is done, and designers are shuffled around houses more than cards in a casino. We really aren't sure who the key fashion players are going to be five years from now. Bloggers and street style stars have become ten times more influential than celebrities in the past few years. Fashion has become more accessible and yet more extravagant all at once.

But here's the thing: we don't have all that much control over the future. We can't get rid of the demons inside someone's soul or stop someone from drinking and saying rude things or even tell celebrities that they seriously need to get stylists if they want to be considered fashion icons. We can only control the clothes we wear and the lives we lead. The uncertainty of these times cannot be changed. But at least we can live our lives like we really are in paradise.
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