Sunflower Seeds

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For the Mulleavy sisters' spring collection it seems they had impressionism on the brain. I think artist's prints can be a little tricky on clothing- you don't want to make them too gimmicky. Just doing the straight up painting (see Look 32) doesn't look as good as subtly suggesting a stroke or piece to a painting. With the exception of Look 32, I think the sisters did a good job of bringing more the escence of a Van Gogh painting rather than the actual painting.

Look 34 was how the first "Starry Night" dress should have been done, with the same rich blues and glorious swirls as the painting but without looking like they just copied and pasted the image onto some silky fabric. I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to see inspiration, not replication.

But no matter. Some nuances aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the collection (especially since I got to check it out using's live photowall in art class today) and was pleased to see one of my favorite tragic artists inspiring some of my favorite designers around.

(images from Photowall)
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